Plenty to be positive about in Chch CBD

Plenty to be positive about in Chch CBD
CBRE Christchurch is based in a brand new building on the corner of Cashel and High Streets—known as the Triangle.

What better affirmation that Christchurch City’s CBD is back on track and in good heart than when a well respected commercial real estate firm relocates back amongst the city’s beautiful new buildings.
CBRE Christchurch has taken up residence in a brand new building on the corner of Cashel and High Streets—known as the Triangle.
CBRE Christchurch’s Paul Brown says moving right into the heart of the city is a sign of confidence that is shared by many.“Business and property owners are positive about the CBD.
It’s a very buoyant market at the moment.
“ We deal with a lot of people in Auckland. They come down, look around and are very impressed with all the designs and architecture of the new buildings.
“It’s always good when out of town people come in and acknowledge that—we tend to take it for granted a bit.
“There is a lot of variety in the buildings and they are not all the same.”
Paul says that while the vast majority of commercial real estate investment is coming from within Christchurch, investment is also coming further afield, including some from overseas markets such as Singapore, Japan and Australia.
Christchurch born, bred and educated with a degree in property valuation and management from Lincoln University, Paul has a strong background in commercial property, including finance and commercial property management in the United Kingdom.
Specialising in sales of commercial investment property, Paul has been part of the CBRE team for the last ten years and says building lasting relation-ships, providing informed advice and good service is key to CBRE’s success.
“I’ve been doing what I do for a long time now and you get to know a lot of the clients pretty well over that time—they become friends.
“Good service is all about our years of experience and intimate knowledge in the markets we deal in.”
In addition to the sales of office, retail and industrial assets, CBRE’s team includes specialists in the leasing of all those property types.
A valuation division and expertise in depreciation assessments of commercial property complements CBRE’s sales and leasing offerings.
A specialist market research team regularly undertakes analysis of Christchurch vacancy and rental rates, enabling CBRE to provide its customers with the benefit of that knowledge.
“If someone asks what is in demand we can provide advice – where the best property investments are in terms of best return, what is a good opportunity; explaining the whole process and the different things they can invest in and the different types of property available in the current market,” he says.
“We are a one-stop-shop from investment ad-vice, the initial sale of the land through to the sales of sections, sales or lease arrangement of premises as well as providing valuation advice.”
Paul says CBRE’s main customer segments are specialised property companies along with private investors/developers.
“In Christchurch there are quite a few private individuals who own/develop/build/lease property.
“Husbands and wives come to see us—they may have done well in residential property or they may have sold the farm or business and are looking for a commercial property to invest in.
“From the leasing side of things it is all businesses who need to lease a premise for office, retail or warehousing.”
CBRE has been part of the Christchurch business world since the 1990s and is part of a major worldwide real estate group publicly listed in the United States.
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