Awards recognition for builder

Awards recognition for builder
Cashmore Contractors experience came in to play during construction saving the client time and money.

Twenty years ago a man with a lifelong but unrealised passion for architecture bought a section at Dairy Flat and began to dream of the home he could design and build on it.
In 2013 Auckland builder Ben Cashmore was separating baked beans into individual meals, driving a $400 Citroen, and dreaming of his future website with a full page dedicated to award winning builds. They met middle of 2017 and the journey to-wards achieving their dreams began for them both.
Ben was given the opportunity to build his clients’ dream home, after the couple had struggled to find a builder to engage with them other than at a superficial level. “We quickly got the feeling many builders have trouble costing architectural projects with any accuracy in the early stages,” Leigh says.
“An acquaintance, a top shelf architect, suggested we look for a young, up and coming company wanting to build their brand in the marketplace. With this and quite a bit more searching, we found Ben at Cashmore Contractors.”
Ben took the couple on a tour around some of his past projects, and they were immediately struck by his honest self-appraisal as he pointed out areas he was proud of and areas he had faced challenges in achieving the high standards he aspires to.
They were impressed by his energy, his broad experience, his quality focus and honesty, and they signed him up. Cashmore Contractors got involved during the design process of this project and helped the couple to implement changes which reduced the cost of the build.
For example, the architect had suggested a certain finished floor height which was going to require a lot of site works, so Ben suggested they go back to the geotech report and lift the house up by 0.5 metre to make the site works requirement very minimal.
“It’s so handy having your builder involved early, especially in this case because we do a lot of subdivisions and we’re used to working to ground conditions.” Cashmore Contractors’ experience came in to play during construction as well, with slight alterations to some methodologies saving time and money.
The high standards Ben and his team achieved for this on time, on budget project have now been validated by the Registered Master Builders House of the Year competition, and Cashmore Contractors recognised as one of Auckland’s leading home building companies taking out a gold and a gold reserve award for New Homes $1 million to $1.5 million.
“This is recognition for the passion, commitment, hard work, and sacrifice that’s been put in, and a lot of patience and understanding from my partner Lawryn,” Ben says.“It means a lot to be recognised for how much you care and how much you pride yourself on what you do. “These awards have really shown we have something there to build on and we’re starting to get recognised in the industry.”
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