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A veterinary clinic like no other in NZ

A veterinary clinic like no other in NZ

A new animal destination two years in the planning has now been unleashed at The Landing Wigram, where the new Wigram Veterinary Clinic is offering a new concept in animal care for Christchurch, and even New Zealand.

“I’m unaware of any other destination like this in New Zealand,” says Wigram Veterinary Clinic founder Geoff Mehrtens.

“In the past 10 years, we have seen the integrated and holistic approach to health solutions that people are applying to their own lives fl owing through into the way we look after our animals.”

In this way, Wigram Veterinary Clinic is a destination more than just a vet clinic. It has the Good Dog Spa, which includes a doggy day care centre, a groomer, and a physio and animal rehabilitation centre staffed by a trained animal physiotherapist and complete with underwater treadmill.

It has a veterinary training facility on its second storey for the postgraduate training of veterinarians and vet nurses.

As well as having multiple dog-care facilities, Wigram Veterinary Clinic is a Cat Friendly Clinic, with particular design features and operational processes recognised by the International Society of Feline Medicine to take the stress out of veterinary visits for cats and their owners.

Geoff says he wants the people coming to Wigram Veterinary Clinic to know cats are welcome, as are rabbits, rats, mice, and pigeons.

With this in mind, the design of the building and the way it would be staffed gave Geoff pause for thought.

“Cats are amazingly resilient animals, but there are a number of things that work well to reduce their stress. We have larger cages and separate entrances and waiting areas for cats and dogs.”

Wigram Veterinary Clinic’s location in the heart of Wigram’s retail and commercial centre The Landing has it well placed to cater to an as yet unmet demand in the area for these services.

A veterinary clinic like no other in NZ

Located at Wigram Skies town centre, The Landing, Wigram Veterinary Clinic is conveniently located with ample parking.


“I love the feeling of community here, the convenience of great parking and being handy to the other shops and the New World supermarket.

On a Saturday morning when you bring your dog to our pump class, you’ll be able to go to Joe’s Garage for a coffee, pick up your groceries from New World, then come and pick up Rover and he will have had a great time too.”

The pump class is a high energy morning session giving the family dog an opportunity to take part in his own team sport, perhaps while his humans are playing Saturday rugby.

Geoff jokes he’s unsure whether to give them saveloys or oranges at half time.

He says the Good Dog Spa and Wigram Veterinary Clinic have similarly holistic philosophies, but of course a veterinary practice is always a very clinical place.

One of Geoff’s special interests is in reasonably high end orthopaedic surgery, and he says while he has an holistic approach to health, when he puts a plate in your dog’s fracture, you are going to get a clinician.

“We like to provide a nice approachable service, where you know what you’re getting, and you can expect a good explanation of why we want to do what we want to do with your pet.”

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