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Eco-friendly homes the way forward

Tom O'Leary Dec 12
Eco-friendly homes the way forward
Whangarei Construction director Clinton Goldie says his aim is to produce homes that have a harmony between modern design and function and use materials that are non-toxic and time tested.

Clinton Goldie, director of Whangarei Construction Ltd, believes that eco friendly homes are the way of the future.

That’s why he has chosen to specialize in offering environmentally friendly options in addition to offering traditional building services to his clients.

“At Whangarei Construction we strive for balance between sustainability and compliance. We are builders of eco-friendly, architecturally designed homes that are not only beautiful, but won’t cost us the earth.

We believe in working towards a more sustainable future by always looking for better ways to make our client’s dreams a reality.

Our aim is to produce homes that have a harmony between modern design and function, and use materials that are non toxic and time-tested all at an affordable price,” he explains.

Clinton has a background in boat building, which has given him an eye for detail and craftsmanship.

He started working in the construction industry in 2006 and started his company in 2007 after working on many different projects and realising that there must be an alternative way to build than the status quo of excessive waste and poor choices of materials.

He has now built up a portfolio of specialist suppliers and techniques so he can offer a product that can be net zero energy and waste and ultimately provide regenerative building to pay back the environmental debt.

Clinton defines this as building that adds to the environment in a positive way to pay back the environmental debt as he says sustainable is not moving forwards or backwards but to stay in the same place.

Clin ton works with a range of architects including Advancedesign Architecture, Spacecraft Architects and Catalyst Homes, matching the right designer with the particular project.

Clinton says he is happy to be involved in the design phase, in fact he says having an integrated design approach works any potential issues with all the key personal before the build starts.

“Problem solving and out-of-the-box thinking are what we pride ourselves on. We are willing to look at anything with enthusiasm and an open mind to make what seems impossible into reality,” he says.

Whangarei Construction is a Licensed Building Practitioner and can offer everything that is needed to complete any project.

The company offers experience in all types of construction, not just residential, which gives a unique perspective when building a client’s home, thinks Clinton.

Eco-friendly homes the way forward

Whangarei Construction is presently working on an earth home eco friendly housing development, working with Uku property developers and Te Puni Kokiri, west of Kamo.

Using poured and bagged earth the homes use basic design principles of orienting to the sun to provide passive solar benefits.

Whangarei Construction is providing the knowledge and structure in the form of site management and Clinton says the development is holistic and will include a permaculture and horticultural business.

“This project is not just about building houses but building a community and giving that community a focus.

It encompasses all aspects of sustainability – social, economic and environmental,” he says. Clinton has taken on eight apprentices from the iwi for the project.

“Working with clients, designers and communities Whangarei Construction aims to make the planet a little better than we found it.”


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