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Inventive Kiwis tap world demand

Inventive Kiwis tap world demand
Waikato Milking Systems is the only company globally to build a platform from composite materials, says international sales manager Grant Wisnewski.

Waikato Milking Systems designs and manufactures a diverse range of dairy systems and technologies which cater to the dynamics of the international dairy industry – from small owner-operated businesses to large 24-hour operations where cows are milked three times a day and can produce 5070 litres of milk daily.

Grant Wisnewski, the firm’s international sales manager, says that Waikato Milking Systems has been modifying its rotary sheds an d associated equipment to offer a specialised range that caters to the larger 700-800-kilogram cows that are milked overseas. The United States, China and parts of Russia are key markets being targeted.

The first Waikato Milking Systems rotary shed was built in China six years ago and four years ago the company built its first shed in the United States on a 3500-cow farm.

Grant says the market for the company in these countries is growing steadily as brand awareness rises.

To increase its presence in the United States, Waikato Milking Systems recently purchased American dairy technology company AIC. AIC produces a range of milk sensors for goats and volume sensors for cows and goats.

“The United States is an important market for Waikato Milking Systems and AIC has a well- established network and good team which has helped us grow our base there, making it a nice fit for us,” explains Grant.

Inventive Kiwis tap world demand

An innovation in its Centrus composite rotary platforms has enabled Waikato Milking Systems to move beyond a predetermined bail configuration, giving farmers the freedom to tailor their farm dairy.

He says the demand for goat rotary systems is growing and Waikato Milking Systems has just released a new one.

The first is being installed on the largest goat farm in North America, which will milk 1000 goats an hour with one staff member.

Grant sees huge potential in the goat-milking market for Waikato Milking Systems’ product and the company has had increased levels of inquiry.

Another big development for Waikato Milking Systems is an exciting innovation in the manufacture of its unique Centrus composite rotary platforms.

This has enabled Waikato Milking Systems to move beyond a predetermined bail configuration, providing farmers with the freedom to tailor their farm dairy.

The latest release is offered by Waikato Milking Systems in any size from 30 bails up.

Grant says that Waikato Milking Systems is the only company globally to build a platform from composite materials. The deck sections of the Centrus are formed in a multilayer laminated process.

The result is a deck which is 75% lighter and eight times stronger than traditional concrete alternatives, resulting in reduced wear and tear and maintenance costs.

Unlike concrete alternatives, which are built on site, each composite deck is manufactured in the factory, which ensures that consistent quality standards can be delivered.

Grant says that because Waikato Milking Systems manages each stage of the production and commissioning of each Centrus composite rotary platform – from manufacture through to the first milking – the integrity of the product is second to none.

The platforms arrive on site anywhere in the world accompanied by a specialist team who oversee the unloading, set-up and commissioning of every Centrus dairy platform.

Waikato Milking Systems is a 100% New Zealand-owned and operated company. Grant says the latest round of innovations are just examples of what has made Waikato Milking Systems an international success.

The firm now has 30 authorised dealers throughout New Zealand and exports to more than 40 countries around the world.


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