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Roofers have Far North covered

Kim Stewart Dec 12
Roofers have Far North covered
Cable Bay firm Top Roofer not only install new roofs, but maintain, repair and re-roof. Their services also include cladding, custom designed flashings, skylights and domes.

Licensed Building Practitioner and Roofing Association of New Zealand (RANZ) member Top Roofer has been covering the far north of New Zealand since 2006.

As a member of RANZ, Top Roofer managing director Jim Roberts believes roofing is a specialist trade, and only roofers should be permitted to install roofs.

The law currently states that for a new house, the roof must be installed by a licensed building practitioner, but to replace the roof on an existing home, anyone can do it.

Jim says even qualified builders do not install roofs to comply with all the relevant codes of practice, and in all his years in business, he has not seen one builder’s roof that complies with the New Zealand building code.

“Unfortunately, there are still plenty of unqualified people roofing in Northland who are giving all roofing companies a bad name, so it isn’t unusual for consumers and commercial businesses to feel cautious about the quality of service offered by builders or roofing contractors in Northland,” he says.

“It’s wise to be careful about who you choose when it comes to repairing or replacing your roof, and we want our customers to be confident with their choice.”

One of the reasons Top Roofer is a member of RANZ is for the integrity it provides to the business. “I want my customers to rest assured I’m a member of RANZ.

I stand by what I do, and RANZ stands by its members as well.” Jim has about 28 years of construction industry experience, and gained his roofing qualification before starting Top Roofer.

Top Roofer sets high standards in its work, and uses only the best qualified tradesmen.

A small, owner operated company, Top Roofer includes three full time roofers as well as Jim. Two are apprentices and all are highly experienced.

“I try to keep a good reputation by taking pride in what I do, and I instil that into my workers as well,” Jim says.

“We’re human and we can make mistakes, but it’s the way you deal with those mistakes that shows you for who you are.”

He says Top Roofer subscribes to a very simple philosophy. “Identify the problem, find a solution, and fix it.”

Roofers have Far North covered

Keeping pace with the latest technology and constantly investigating new ideas and systems helps Top Roofer to maintain its position as a front runner in the roofing industry.

Top Roofer doesn’t just put roofs on, it looks after them as well, from maintaining and repairing roofs to re-roofing.

Top Roofer’s servic es also include waterproofing and coatings, future proof roofing, cladding, custom designed flashings, and skylights and domes.

When the life of a roof can be extended by recoating or painting, Jim offers unbiased advice on that and all other roofing requirements, with all budgets catered for.


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