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SPCA welcomes new Hobsonville centre

Kim Stewart Oct 10
SPCA welcomes new Hobsonville centre
The new centre will provide adoption space for 30-40 cats and kittens, six adoption pens for adult dogs and three for puppies.

A new centre in Hobsonville will help the SPCA to help a lot more animals, says SPCA general manager of the northern region, Jen Radich.

Located on Rawiri Place, near Hobsonville Primary School and the Upper Harbour Motorway, the new centre will act as a satellite site to the main SPCA Animal Village in Mangere and is scheduled for completion by December.

Increasing population, traffic congestion and Auckland’s geographical spread were the catalyst for the new centre. The SPCA’s region extends over 7,980 square kilometres up to Kaiwaka.

By having a base on the northern side of the bridge these issues will be alleviated enabling greater efficiencies, better service and more rapid response, says Jen who estimates 3000-4000 additional animals will now be able to be helped each year.

The new centre will provide adoption space for 30-40 cats and kittens, six adoption pens for adult dogs and three for puppies.

There will be an outdoor exercise area and the centre’s proximity to a local reserve will also allow dogs to be exercised on leashes.

The centre will also act as a base for an SPCA inspectorate team. Jen says the aim is for the centre to be selfsustaining and a doggy day care centre is part of the mix to help generate funds for the overall operation.

The centre will take care of dogs for members of the general public and will be fully supervised with trained staff and right staff-to-dog ratio, says Jen.

The centre also includes a veterinary clinic, which is already tenanted. This will operate as a stand-alo ne business as well as provide on-site vet care for the SPCA.

Jen says that previously it was difficult for some Aucklanders to access the Animal Village in Mangere to adopt, foster and assist the SPCA so the new centre will enhance this important aspect of the operation.

Jen says that at certain times of the year the Mangere centre was reaching critical mass and so now more animals will be able to be fostered out.

This is largely cats and kittens that, in particular, need to be fostered when the kittens are still nursing. “The home environment is critical for mums with nursing kittens as it’s much less stressful and kittens become accustomed to the home environment,” she explains.

“We need to be accessible to families who are looking to adopt so we can find more loving homes.”

She says a concerted effort by the SPCA has seen a big increase in the numbers of animals being de-sexed which has seen the organization help around 8000-9000 animals in the past year.

General population increase in Auckland is seeing the numbers rise and the new centre will help to cater to this need.

An additional three inspectors have been employed taking the total number of inspectors in the Auckland region to twelve.

The Hobsonville SPCA centre will cost $6.5 million in total and the SPCA is still seeking to raise the final funding for the project from grant as well as individuals and groups who wish to donate.

“Construction was headed up by Q Construction, who since being established in 2005 have grown and now under take Construction, Interior and Maintenance projects across the city and further afield.

The build with SPCA faced unique challenges and Q Construction had to work with the SPCA to ensure the highest standards and safety for the animals the Centre will house.

Speaking to Brendan, Q Commercial Construction‘s Director, he said “The design has had to take into account the end user, as would be the norm. However on this occasion we are having to ensure that lever handles are swapped out for door knobs so that some of the more clever canines cannot escape.”

SPCA welcomes new Hobsonville centre

Other aspects of the build such as the ventilation system were also cleverly designs to ensure they fit the task, and rubber flooring and multiple roller doors were fitted to allow animals to move around easily and safely.

The SPCA were very happy with the work Q Construction have done and look forward to the opening of the building.

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