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Physical and mental well-being in a snap

Physical and mental well-being in a snap

Snap Fitness Invercargill is well-equipped to help anyone of almost any age and fitness level work the crackle and pop into their physical and mental well-being.

It is part of the Snap Fitness global franchise, but operates on a local level to coach people towards their fitness aspirations.

Managing director, Ruth Stevenson is one of Snap Fitness Invercargill’s three directors; the business is owned and run by her, Hayden Sproat and Steve Jo.

The directors purchased the franchise, previously owned by a corporate, last November and relocated it to a new premises in lower Spey St; it also incorporates a nutritional supplement shop.

The perception of a gym can easily conjure up images of stepping to a world of sweaty, muscle- ripped Greek gods, but Snap Fitness caters for virtually any age and fitness level, Ruth says.

“Some people that come in can feel a bit intimidated so we offer everybody that joins an initial consult with a personal trainer for free and they get taken around and shown how to use the equipment and they are able to ask any questions.

“An initial programme is also made for them so they’ve got something to follow. We enjoy seeing people achieve their goals and to see their confidence grow.”

Snap Fitness recognises exercise is not only about weight loss or building muscle mass, but having the stability and strength to thrive in daily life is just as important.

Its gyms offer basic functional workout options that focus on movements such as rotating, carrying, and gait patterns (walking and running) that people utilise every day.

Snap Fitness offers Myzone, its signature heart-rate monitor, claimed to be the most precise available and which allows members to see what zone they are training in, in real-time.

Heart-rate training means members can get the best workout in every session, challenging themselves, facing off against other members, or maximising their next personal training session.

“We’ve got a Snap app which has workout and training programmes on it, which is available for members.

They can use it in club or at home.“We also run group fitness classes which are free of charge to members.”

The gym has a nutritionist who is also a qualified personal trainer, while Hayden Sproat is a physiotherapist.

“We work with quite a few physiotherapists that do ACC rehabilitation. They do an initial programme for client’s rehabilitation so we work with that as well.”

The complementary services are part of a push to create a holistic approach to health and fitness at the gym.

The directors are currently planning to build an extra consult room to have a both a physiotherapist and a massage therapist on site, giving clients easy access to a range of additional services in one place.

“We are trying to cover much more than just coming in and jumping on a treadmill for an hour or so. ”

Snap Fitness Invercargill has gained considerable public approval since the November opening, with 240 new members joining since, including 50 new members on the January 26 opening day alone.

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