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Custom pool builder making a splash

Custom pool builder making a splash
Precision Pools can assist from pool design, through to arranging the engineering plans, geotech reports, consents, excavation and completing the build.

After catching the pool bug as a young 16-year-old working for one of Auckland’s top swimming pool builders, Willy Jones has forged his own career building concrete pools.

After learning his trade in the early 2000’s, Willy travelled to Brisbane where he spent three years refining his skills before returning to New Zealand and establishing Precision Pools Ltd, to design and build quality, custom-made concrete pools.

Diving into the depths of business ownership at the height of a recession may have seemed a risky venture but Willy’s passion for giving clients what they want rather than having to just ‘settle on something’, has paid off.

While based in Auckland, Precision Pools has built and renovated pools the depth and breadth of the country. “Precision Pools is a hard working, tight-knit team,” says Willy.

“We do the majority of the work ourselves, from digging the hole right through to all the fi nishing work.  We’re onsite all the time and hands on through the entire project, ready to anticipate potential issues and make the build as smooth as possible.”

He says there is a wider group of trusted pool builders he can call on if the size of the job demands it, so no job is too big or too small.  Meeting a prospective client on site, Willy can assist from conceptual design of the pool, through to arranging the engineering plans, geotech reports, consents, excavation and of course completing the build.

With particular attention to detail, taking pride in their work and setting perfection as a minimum standard, Willy says there is nothing better than getting a photo from the client showing the family enjoying the finished product.

He says that longevity is one of the key advantages in a concrete pool, with pools lasting upwards of 50 years.

“The amount of steel that goes into a pool these days is incredible, they are just so rock solid. Concrete pools that we renovate now are 30 – 40 years old. Sure they look tired but the bones are so solid that you can renovate them and they look brand new again.”

He says that with endless combinations, every pool is custom-made. The client gets to pick the shape, size, tiles, plaster colour and the coating, and not limited to a small range of pools to pick from.

“You can make it as high-end as you want with Italian tiles, or you can have a simple, cost effective pool that still looks great.  It could cost $50,000 or $100,000 for the same size pool depending on the customised features you choose.”

Willy says that while once-upon-a time kidney shaped pools were very popular, most pools these days are rectangular shaped, though he likes it when someone does want to do something a bit different.

He says there is currently a lot of pool and spa combinations, which look very smart and many pools have an infinity/vanishing edge.

By no means out of his depth, Willy loves what he and his team do and helping his customers cool down in their new pools.


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