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Olive Estate has plenty to offer

Olive Estate has plenty to offer
Olive Estate Lifestyle Village offers residents a unique living experience just 15 minutes’ stroll from Richmond CBD.

Taking pride of place in the heart of Richmond, Olive Estate Lifestyle Village will challenge your thinking about what retirement living means to you and those around you.

With lots of open and green spaces allowing for a more active lifestyle, choices of building style, a feature lake and community Lake House, Olive Estate Lifestyle Village has the look and feel of a well-to-do leafy residential subdivision.

Enjoying panoramic views overlooking the Richmond Hills and stretching towards the Tasman Bay, the village offers residents a unique living experience just 15 minutes’ stroll from Richmond CBD.

Olive Estate Lifestyle Village is the fourth venture into retirement living by The Integrity Care Group (ICG), independently owned and operated by owners Mark, Kristin, Tom and Shirley Nimmo.

With 25 years’ experience in the retirement sector, the Nimmo family has previously developed two aged care facilities along with Stillwater Gardens Retirement Village also in Richmond, Nelson.

“We wanted to do something a little different in terms of villages than what we had ever done before, certainly in respect to what was considered the norm,” explains Kristin.

“People who are now moving towards their retirement years have different expectations and are typically a lot more active than perhaps people were 10, 15, 20 years ago.”

Olive Estate has plenty to offer

With six different floor plans, homes ranging from 109sqm to 154sqm, different interior/exterior colour options and different rooflines, Olive Estate homes can be fitted to the resident’s taste.

With six different floor plans, homes ranging from 109sqm to 154sqm, different interior/ exterior colour options and different rooflines, the homes can be personalised to the resident’s taste, engendering a feeling of normal living as you meander around the village.

It is a world away from the cutout sameness often associated with gated retirement communities. Kristin says that moving into Olive Estate is about people “right-sizing” their home for “what they are doing at the moment and what works for them right now”.

“It’s tailoring their next stage in living to suit their evolving needs. “Olive Estate and our sister village, Stillwater Gardens, both have a public vested road going through the middle,” says Kristin.

“So a big part of our philosophy is about integrating our villages within the community that they sit. We want to encourage people from the wider community to come into the village, while encouraging our residents to go back out to the community.”

Development of the multi-stage 160-unit lifestyle village, which covers 8.4 hectares of land, started in 2014. The work will also include an aged care facility and Lake House.

With 120 residents already enjoying the benefits offered by Olive Estate Lifestyle Village, Stage 4 of the project is now in progress.

Olive Estate has plenty to offer

The 160-unit Olive Estate will include an aged care facility and Lake House with pool, library and gym, as well as a cafe, general store and beauty salon.

“We have 11 villas in the first part of Stage 4 under way and are just starting to put out for pricing the second part of Stage 4 – another 11 villas and four terrace houses right on the lake front which will really be something quite special. The beauty of Stage 4 is that little tweaks have been made to the floor plans along the way and we think we have got a pretty sharp product.”

Development of the Lake House will also be started shortly and is expected to be completed in June 2018.

Sitting right on the lake front, the building will predominantly be a community facility for village residents and will include a swimming pool, spa, conference centre, theatre, library, gymnasium and some kitchen facilities, along with ICG’s offices.

“There will also be a cafe, general store and hair and beauty salon,” says Kristin.

“Those three areas will be open to the wider community. There are a number of people in neighbouring subdivisions who are really looking forward to those facilities becoming available.”

The Lake House will become a key part in encouraging community integration and removing some of the stigma around retirement villages and aged care.

Encouraging intergenerational interaction is also an important cornerstone of the development team’s philosophy.

Kristin says that the perception that when people move into a retirement village they have reached old age is certainly not the case at Olive Estate.

“I don’t think that any of the 120 people who are currently living on site at Olive Estate would classify themselves as old. You can’t walk anywhere in the village without coming across someone who is out riding their bike or walking their dog or coming home from golf, bowls or bridge – they are very active people.”

The lake itself is frequently sailed by model boat enthusiasts both young in age and young in heart, and one resident is restoring an old row boat that he has affectionately named Miss Olive.

Development of the project is expected to be completed in late 2020.


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