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Firm’s specialist work in high demand

Kim Stewart Dec 12
Firm’s specialist work in high demand

The expertise in piling, earthworks and civil construction offered by Moore Construction is in strong demand throughout New Zealand.

Moore Construction is a family business, owned and operated by siblings Nathan, Sam, (Samantha) and Campbell known for its high-level specialisation in piling.

“We are equipped for a wide range of projects including pile driving, bridges, commercial buildings, civil structures and specialised concrete structures,” Sam says.

Some specialised items include an Auger Torque hydraulic drive drill, one of the largest of its kind in New Zealand, and a Tescar CF3 Kelly Bar piling rig and hammer driven piling leaders.

“We have an ever increasing plant list which supports our piling work. We can supply and drive steel piles, timber piles, precast concrete piles, screw piles, secant piles, sheet piling and bored piles.

“We also own a range of earth moving equipment and associated gear.”The company’s growth was partly driven by the Christchurch earthquakes rebuild.“We diversified into all the different types of piling.”

The workload precipitated by the rebuild resulted in a doubling of staff numbers, consequently the company is well resourced not only in equipment, but also in its skilled workforce for present and future work.

A current project requiring Moore Construction’s piling expertise is the construction of a five-star, five story-plus basement hotel, being developed by Augusta Capital on Man Street in central Queenstown.

The main contractor is Cook Brothers Construction, the geotechnical engineer Geosolve and the structural engineer New Zealand Consulting Engineers.

Moore Construction project manager Regan Cooper says the hotel is being built on a challenging, compact site located in Central Queenstown.Moore’s work involves drilling 441 Secant piles, starting late October.

The Secant system creates a watertight retaining wall by drilling horizontially interlocking concrete piles through a polystyrene form around which concrete is first poured to create an outer shell. It has water retaining capabilities due to the bond formed between the piles.

Regan says the amount of piling needed on the hotel site equates to a total of 2116 lineal metres of bored piles in what is a complex project below ground level. The hotel’s basement which comprises about half its total footprint will be sited on excavated rock.

Firm’s specialist work in high demand

Moore Construction is equipped for a wide range of projects including pile driving bridges, commercial buildings, civil structures and specialised concrete structures

“At the current lengths based on the geological model the piling equates to approximately 1455 lineal metres of drilling through lake sediments and glacial till and 661 lineal metres of sub-glacial sheared schist bedrock.”

Moore Construction has worked extensively with Firth to develop different piling concrete mixes and to conduct pre-production testing.Because of the compact site, a key item of equipment being used on the project is the Tescar CF3 Kelly Bar rig.

The versatility of this machine makes it ideal for hill sites, retaining walls and bored piles for foundations and it has the capability to drill to 24 metres deep and up to 1 metre diameter holes while taking up just a 12 tonne excavator foot print.

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