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Health and safety template launched

Health and safety template launched
The new template has a section for each part of the quarry management system.

MinEx has released a new template designed to make it easier for small quarries to meet their health and safety obligations.

The template, which was officially launched at the QuarryNZ conference in July, provides the outline of a health and safety management system.

“It allows users to follow the guidelines and develop and document a management system to assist them to safely manage their quarry,” explains MinEx CEO Wayne Scott.

“For quarries which already have a system in place the template can be used to allow them to identify and fill any gaps,” he says.

The template has a section for each part of the quarry management system and each section includes three parts: guidelines that explain what is needed in each part of the management system and background information, followed by specific directions for developing each part of a system.

Secondly it includes recommended actions that are needed to develop each part of the management system and thirdly template forms including sample forms and checklists are included, which can be adapt to suit the needs of the particular quarry.

These are available as a separate Word file and can be used in either soft or hard copy.

The template sections cover legal requirements quarry operations must comply with, development of a health and safety policy, a guide to health and safety responsibilities and roles, involvement of workers in the policy, health and safety training, hazards and controlling risks, planned safety projects and improvements, managing contractors, checks and inspections, incidents, emergencies and controlling documents.

The template has been designed to work alongside the Health and Safety at Opencast
Mines, Alluvial Mines and Quarries Good Practice Guidelines (2015) prepared by WorkSafe.

Wayne says that it is important that the template is used only as a starting point.

“The template is intended to help people develop a system, so that they can be confident that their risk controls are being identified, implemented, followed and reviewed. People need to ensure that the template is carefully adapted to their quarry.”

He stresses the importance of having worker involvement in the development of an effective health and safety policy: “Workplaces are safer when workers have a say about health and safety matters.

Workers are directly affected by any risks created by operations and are often in the best position to know how a job is done and how it affects them,” says Wayne. “They can provide practical solutions to improving work health and safety.

Quarries should develop a culture that supports workers who raise health and safety concerns.

This requires building trust with workers,” he advises. Although structure, organisation and paperwork are often not high on the agenda of industry, they are needed to reduce health and safety risks at a quarry, says Wayne.

“A health and safety management system helps with decisions about what risk controls are used.”

Wayne says MinEx will work with quarries over the coming months so the template can continue to be improved with feedback. The template is available for anyone to download on the MinEx website.

MinEx tips for managing a quarry safely:

• Talk to, and listen to your workers, particularly for managing your hazards and risks and developing your management system.

• Make sure that you identify your hazards have robust controls for their risks, and that these are regularly reviewed.

• Supervise your operations, including contractors.

• Regularly check plant and equipment to ensure it can operate safely.

• Make sure everyone (including yourself) gets the right training, and is competent for their job.