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Firm rises to challenge in complex build

Firm rises to challenge in complex build
The Te Wananga-o-Raukawa project comprises a single storey approximately 2000 square metre building.

McMillan and Lockwood thrives on challenges and so working on the new library, auditorium, classrooms and student hub for Otaki based tertiary education provider Te Wananga-oRaukawa has been a good fit.

McMillan and Lockwood project manager Ben Law says the complexity of the design by architect Tennent Brown and high standard of finish required has made the project an exciting one to work on.

“There are lots of interesting angles plus the building is set over different levels and with multiple pitched roofs. This is the type of project at McMillan and Lockwood that we find exciting to work on,” he says. McMillan and Lockwood had previously built Mana Tamariki in Palmerston North for the same architect.

The Te Wananga-o-Raukawa project was started in July 2017 and comprises a single storey approximately 2000 square metre building. It is a predominantly steel structure with LVL timber rafters.

Exterior cladding is glass with profi led metal cladding and timber screens. Technically the project has required a very precise layout due to the number of angles and levels involved in the design.

Ben says that engaging Pritchard Civil to provide a GPS surveying set out saved both time and increased accuracy. The project is due for completion in August. Ben says that collaboration has been a key aspect of the complex project.

“A point of difference in dealing with McMillan and Lockwood is our preference to work in a partnering environment with clients and consultants in an open and trustworthy manner. We are a non-confrontational business that takes pride in our ability to produce what our clients require.”

He says client Te Wananga-o-Raukawa has also been excellent in terms of coordinating access for the team, which will reach around 70 at the project peak.

“We have worked closely with the wananga to programme activities to suit their requirements, for example completing noisy work outside teaching hours,” he says. Ben says that McMillan and Lockwood has sought to utilise local resources where possible, which has been key to getting community buy-in.

“We see this as a really positive benefit for us as well as contributing to a positive culture on the job as locals view this as a positive addition to the region.

“We are certainly proud to be involved in such an exciting project. It’s a facility for the use of the community and it will be a landmark building for this town.”

The project has a focus of kaitiakitanga, or guardianship of the environment. The design uses renewable resources where possible and has a sustainable focus, for example solar panels, harvesting of rainwater for use in the toilets and a rain garden to filter stormwater.

This also ties in with McMillan and Lockwood’s sustainability focus on meeting the needs of today, without negatively impacting on the needs of tomorrow, making the project a good fi t for the company.

In a business sense for McMillan and Lockwood this means business practices such as building efficiency, minimising waste and maximising resources.

McMillan and Lockwood has stated that sustainability will enable it to be a long-term company focused on creating a better future for New Zealand and the planet as a whole.

Ben says the success to date of the Te Wanangao-Raukawa project has been possible because of the wealth of experience in the McMillan and Lockwood team. “Our directors and management team have a lot of industry experience,” he says.

“This really helps us to pre-empt any pressure points on projects and mitigate potential issues ensuring projects run smoothly. Positive open relationships with all involved result in successful projects completed on time and within budget.”

“This project involves highly detailed design and shows our ability to work collaboratively with client, consultants and subcontractors while taking the lead in terms of bringing everything together for a successful result.” The McMillan and Lockwood group of construction companies operates throughout New Zealand.

Firm rises to challenge in complex build

The company’s origins can be traced back to the late 1800’s in Dunedin. The company currently has offices in Auckland, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Napier and Wellington and undertakes a wide variety of commercial, industrial and residential projects around the country.

Ben says a big part of the company’s success over the years can be attributed to its core values of respect, honesty and integrity coupled with its wide and varied construction expertise.

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