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Heavy haulage runs in the blood

Heavy haulage runs in the blood
Every day brings a new load to be carted for Warkworth based heavy haulage firm MC & Sons, including bridges and pre-fabricated farm sheds.

In the three and a half years that Warkworth based MC & Sons Ltd has been in business hauling heavy machinery around the upper North Island and beyond it has consolidated a reputation for professionalism, reliability and a ‘can do’ attitude.

Operating its 2013 Kenworth T909 tractor unit called ‘Hells Bells’ and pulling a 3 rows of 8 widening trailer with a hefty 41tonne weight capacity, the heavy haulage work horse has averaged 110,000 kilometres a year since pushing ignition.

The company’s pilot vehicle has MAG001 as its registration number, which just happens to be the nickname of owner and the managing director of MC & Sons, Robert Brown.

The name Magoo was given to Robert as a 7 year old, and stuck through the years. Robert’s wife and partner in business is Cassanda, or Cass for short.

Together with Magoo, their first initials form the MC in MC & Sons – and yes they do have two young sons and promising members of the family business.

“My father was a truck driver, my brother was and my uncle was—it’s always been part of my life and it’s in our blood,” says Robert.

“Dad was an owner driver for Lion Breweries in Auckland back in the day. So I went all over the top half of the North Island with him when I was a young fella.”

Having worked with machinery and driven trucks all his life, Robert always wanted to own his own big rig.

He’d been working for Warrick Rhodes Contractors for a few years when an opportunity arose and Roberts says that Warrick was good enough to help him out and start the process.

“We’re focused on heavy haulage and the transport of machinery. We do a lot in Northland and Auckland, Waikato, Taupo and sometimes Wellington.

The business has grown over the years and we now have a client base of more than 250.” MC & Sons recently engaged an owner/driver to contract for them.

They work in with a group of companies helping each other out as workload demands.

Robert says MC & Sons will transport anything and even assisted ‘Sheehans Transport Assistance Ltd’ with transporting new defence helicopters for the New Zealand Air Force.

“We transport a lot of stabilising machines, diggers, graders, bulldozers, harvesters and a bit of logging gear.

“We’ve shifted a lot of equipment for the Auckland Museum of Transport and Technology, including an old steamroller.”

Heavy haulage runs in the blood

Proud of the professionalism of the industry he works in, Robert says that starting the business off was a real passion and his advice is that if you have something in your system you need to do it – otherwise you will never know how it might have turned out.

“It was really scary at the start to get it to work. It’s quite a leap of faith – especially when you have a debt that you have to repay every month.

“But it’s working for us. Each day is different and each day brings new challenges with the loads we carry.”


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