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Demand grows for inspired designs

Demand grows for inspired designs

This year has been very busy, and happily so, for the team at Location Homes, Taranaki-based in New Plymouth. Unsurpassed residential growth has been sweeping the province on the slipstream of Aucklanders relocating to live in one of New Zealand’s special provinces and expatriates returning home.

Location Homes has grown its capacity to take up a wide range of residential work. The company, owned by Campbell Mattson and Glen Stephens, has again received accolades at this year’s Taranaki region Master Builders House of the Year Awards. Campbell also owns the national Location Homes and Location Construction brands.

Receiving Gold and taking out line honours in the GIB Show Home category for a 189sqm home in Links Drive has been the icing on the cake, as more and more clients approach the company to build their dream home.

Location Homes Taranaki designer Toni Snooks says she enjoyed the challenges that came with planning the three-bedroom, two bathroom home, nestled in a group of seven a stone’s throw from an open reserve area.

“There are some rather lovely design features in this home that help create a sense of space and size larger than its actual footprint.

I think this is one of the key reasons the home stood out from competition,” Toni explains.

These design elements include a rather stunning and quite grand entranceway, complete with a wooden boardwalk leading to the front door that creates a sense that the home you are approaching is special.

“I enjoy the challenge of combining design with use of materials in ways that get the most out of the section,” says Toni.

Demand grows for inspired designs

Features designed by Location Homes create a sense of space and size larger than this New Plymouth home’s actual footprint. Use of alpine schist adds to its points of difference.

“This section borders a reserve and the kitchen and open plan dining and living are positioned on that side of the home, giving an almost seamless connection between the inside, the section and the space beyond,” says Toni.

Use of alpine schist, commonly found around Otago, adds to the points of difference the home offers.

“When you first enter through the front door you see this really spectacular wall of stone which wraps around into the living area and includes a built-in glass fire. That same material is replicated in the kitchen, anchoring the standalone kitchen hub with the floor.”

Toni says that overall, the home has a stylish, simple and welcoming contemporary feel to it.

Significant use of glazing pitched at angles to mirror the roofline creates loft and allows plenty of sunlight to stream into the home.

Design elements extend outside, where a combination of horizontal and vertical shiplap cedar planks tie in beautifully, topped off by Espan® steel cladding extending over the roof and some external walls.

Toni describes the build as a fun collaboration resulting in a home with distinct and appealing qualities.

Location Homes sales and business development manager Jody Calvert has been part of the team for two busy years.

“Business has been growing tremendously and when Campbell and Glen asked me to join it was in part to rationalise Campbell’s workload and to develop the company further.

“That’s been achieved in a relatively short period of time as we are now busier than ever and we have people from throughout Taranaki, indeed New Zealand, wanting us to build for them,” Jody says.

Such is the pace of growth that the fiveyear plan includes expanding the number of nationwide franchises to 10.

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