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Haverstock blends density with style

Haverstock blends density with style
When completed the Haverstock Road development will offer 46 terraced houses and 41 apartments spread over four storeys.

FORM Architects is driven by the pursuit of quality – in design, performance and effect – delivering the best, unique outcome, says associate director, Eric Zu.

A case in point is the company’s work on a development project at Haverstock Road, Sandringham, Auckland, which it has been working on since 2014.

FORM Architects completed a feasibility study before the client even purchased the land to determine the viability of the project and whether it would deliver the desired end result.

FORM Architects then completed the design and worked through the consent process. Divided into three stages the project includes two stages of terraced houses and one stage of apartments.

When completed the development will offer 46 terraced houses and also 41 apartments spread over four storeys.

Stage one of the project is nearing completion with stage two is going through an amendment to the resource consent due to changes to the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Stage three is at the resource consent stage. Eric Zu says that the aim of the design was to achieve density but also comfortable living.

Different size houses and apartments are offered to cater to different requirements. Terraced houses offer five, three and two bedroom options and apartments are one or two bedrooms.

The design also offers diversity with terraced houses connected in blocks of two, four and six houses. Claddings are weatherboard, cedar and brick, which also ties in with the local area.

The development has been designed to a 6 Homestar rating providing assurance that the homes will be better quality – warmer, drier, healthier and cost less to run – than a typical new house built to building code. FORM Architects was co-founded by Alan Poor Architects and G.L Design.

Eric says that FORM Architects differentiates itself by being a design-led architecture and interior design fi rm delivering innovative design solutions for all clients.

There is no cookie cutter design – each project is designed specifically for the site and the requirements of the customer, explains Eric.

The practice offers more than 30 years’ experience in residential and commercial architecture and has a creative design team at its Auckland-based studio who specialise in high density residential projects including apartments and terrace houses, luxury house design and high-end commercial buildings as well as dynamic retail and office fitouts.

The company is also currently working on a large project in Ireland Road, Panmure, which will cover more than 9800sqm.

The mixed-use, four storey 91-unit development will define the intersection and reinforce the historic commencement of the town centre proper on the southern side of the intersection, says Eric.

“The building will signal the regeneration of Panmure centre and complement the recently upgraded railway and bus station in this respect. The development achieves a well-defined and positive statement including an external site perimeter, mixed facades including appropriately scaled recesses and shadow-lines. It’s about creating an urban village, providing space for people to work and relax.”

FORM Architects continues to grow and plans to play a key role in the development of Auckland and further afield.

“We believe that well-considered architecture and design can turn the everyday and ordinary into truly memorable experiences.”


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