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Designing gardens with flair and a flourish

Designing gardens with flair and a flourish

For Sarah Davies of Flourish Landscape Design, seeing people starting to gain enjoyment from growing and caring for plants and their input into the creation of their outdoor spaces is an exciting thing to behold.

Nature is in Sarah’s blood. She grew up on a sheep and beef farm in Greta Valley. One of four daughters, she says her dad didn’t need any boys. “We did everything on the farm a boy would do,” she says.

“I now live on 10 acres and run a few sheep, cows, and goats. You can take the girl away from the farm but you can’t take the farm away from the farm girl.”

Sarah was sure she wanted to work outdoors and with the land, so she enrolled in a landscape design course where she learned everything she needed to know about creating landscapes and running her own landscape design business.

While she still enjoys getting her hands dirty in the garden, she now spends much more time talking with Flourish Landscape Design clients, designing, and project managing.

“When I’m designing for clients, I’m passionate about the design including their ideas along with my own. I like everyone’s garden to be unique to their wants and needs.”

Sarah knows how to make the most of a section the most cost effective way, with the least amount of hassle.

She designs with budget in mind but without sacrifice to function, style, or interest, so gardens are attractive and meet the demands of every client’s unique way of life.

She spends a lot of time extracting information from her clients to make sure the garden she designs for them is a pleasant and functional space which incorporates the plants and features specific to each client’s wishes.

“I ask all sorts of questions about lifestyle, practical and recreational requirements, and what sort of plants, colours, and design elements my clients like or dislike. This is how I gain an excellent idea of the type of garden that will suit.”

Sarah says today’s clients are a lot more passionate about using their own skills, taking pride in their gardens and realising their gardens have value.

“A lot of people like to be involved in planting the plants we have chosen so I’ll often help by setting the plants out according to the planting plan I have created, so they can plant them, or I can help with planting. People are a lot more passionate about their garden when they’ve planted the plants themselves.”

Sarah says the realisation of a landscape design can sometimes take a few years, as people take advantage of the fact everything doesn’t have to be done at once.

“We can create a concept plan for clients to work at over time with the beauty being when the garden is completed it all flows together,” she says.

To ensure the garden is installed exactly as designed, Sarah is the best person to facilitate the installation of the new garden.

Flourish Landscape Design also offers plant sourcing to help take the stress away from finding the required plants, as well as ensuring clients pay the best price for the best grade of plants, delivered to the door.

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