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Attention fixed on craftsmanship

Attention fixed on craftsmanship
Fixation Builders recently completed a high-end architectural build in the exclusive Jack’s Point subdivision.

Living and breathing its name every day is a prime focus for Queenstown architectural building company Fixation Builders Ltd.

With a focus on undertaking only one or two jobs at any time and doing those jobs very well, founder/craftsman Darren Robinson and his team are fixated on detail, quality and the continual progress to completion.

“That’s quite an important point of difference for our company,” says Darren.

“We’re currently building quite a big architectural home at Jack’s Point and we’re only doing that one job. That means we’re on site every day and the client knows there’s progress happening every day.”

Darren’s passion for quality, attention to detail and problem-solving was hammered and shaped during his apprenticeship working for a Queenstown firm that concentrated on the painstaking high-end renovation of historic buildings in the area, including the historic Hulbert House that dated back to 1888.

“Every day there was a lot of problem-solving. You couldn’t touch a lot of the old materials like the old floorboards, walls and ceilings, which had to be kept intact. So my background is in high-end renovation, which has given me a large range of building and problem-solving skills, making building architectural homes quite easy in comparison.”

People started asking Darren if he would build their new homes for them, and two years ago he decided to take the plunge.

He’s never looked back and through word of mouth Fixation Builders has had a constant stream of new architectural builds and renovations.

“At the moment we are predominantly doing high-end architectural work,” says Darren.

“We really do any sort of building work in Queenstown, from high-end architecturally designed homes through to the more readily affordable homes.

“We’re also happy doing landscaping work like decks and fences and of course the renovation work.”

As Fixation Builders’ reputation for quality craftsmanship has spread, requests to price new builds in the highly competitive Queenstown market have also increased.

The quotation fee is waived if the client signs the contract to build.

Operating from the heart of Queenstown, Fixation Builders covers the greater Queenstown Lakes area, but depending on the job Darren and his team will travel to areas like Glenorchy, Cromwell and Kingston.

Having established relationships with architects and designers, Darren is also able to offer a design and build service.

“A big thing for us with our architects is that they really listen to the client, because at the end of the day it’s the client’s home and must fulfil the client’s needs.

Attention fixed on craftsmanship

Early on we get a quantity surveyor involved because there’s no point designing this elaborate thing and finding out later on there is no budget for it.”

Fixation Builders recently completed a high-end architectural build in the exclusive Jack’s Point subdivision.

Darren says he felt really proud of what he and his team had created at the end of the build – something stunning and handcrafted against the backdrop of the Remarkables mountain range.

“I loved the craftsmanship of it all.”


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