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Granite paving work shows talent

Granite paving work shows talent
Deccan Landscape Construction’s skill and craftsmanship can be seen in the award-winning granite paving at Wigram Skies’ town centre, The Landing.

Deccan Landscape Construction is happy to be known as the company that placed the granite sett paving in The Landing town centre at Wigram Skies.

The job earned it the 2016 Landscapes of Distinction Gold Award for commercial landscape construction. Deccan Landscape Construction was established in 2004 by Jill and Paul Rice.

The couple had been landscaping in London, where they worked on residential and commercial projects such as the skyscraper-filled Canary Wharf.

When they started their family, the Rices realised Paul’s home of New Zealand was the best place for them to raise their children and start their own business.

Deccan Landscape Construction’s portfolio includes a variety of large and small residential projects, as well as work for architects and developers on commercial-scale projects.

These include projects for Ngai Tahu subdivision developments, which Jill says have earned a reputation for quality and success. “Wigram Skies is no exception,” she says.

“Its Landing town centre is a mixed-use development which includes retail, hospitality and offices around a high-street style environment and a town square.

Its hard and soft landscaping elements were designed by Kamo M arsh Landscape Architects.” She says the design was lovely and intricate, and required a lot of skill to construct.

It included a white-and-grey granite X-shaped pathway through the town centre, with white-and-grey granite squares and exposed concrete around the edges.

“The granite paving is the highlight of The Landing town centre,” Jill says.

“Ancient strength and beauty combine in granite to make a dramatic design statement for interior and exterior use. It has a visibly crystalline texture glittering with feldspar, mica, and quartz, and is an immensely strong stone particularly suitable for areas of high intensity wear or traffic.”

Deccan Landscape Construction also built kerbing around the town centre, and around the subdivision built koru patterns with granite laid into exposed concrete.

“All of Ngai Tahu’s subdivisions have little touches like these,” Jill says. “It’s great to be involved in projects like these which are a bit more adventurous.”

LIANZ recognised the skill and craftsmanship Deccan Landscape Construction applied to The Landing town centre and the quality of the company’s work with a gold award at the Landscaping New Zealand Landscape Awards of Distinction 2016.

“Both Kamo Marsh and Ngai Tahu are very happy their design and their subdivision has won an award,” Jill says.

“Ngai Tahu has even put a photo of it on their Christmas card with all the lights on and it’s beautiful.”

Granite paving work shows talent

Deccan Landscape Construction provides its skills, knowledge, and expert advice to residential and commercial projects from planning stage to completion.

The firm’s full, personalised service uses professional expertise, technical knowledge and high quality construction to give clients what they want.

Deccan’s services include paving and driveways, decking, fencing, and timber features, water features, landscape structures, lighting, and irrigation, as well as project management, soft landscaping, and compliance with building regulations and by-laws.


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