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Waiheke home maintenance service

Kim Stewart Oct 10
Waiheke home maintenance service

After 30 years in the industry, Waiheke Island building company Davidson Construction is promoting a new maintenance management service for local homes and buildings. Dana and Peter Davidson have lived on Waiheke Island for 20 years.

They moved from the Hawke’s Bay at a time when construction work was scarce. Labour only work was available on Waiheke Island, and after Peter commuting for a while, Dana took the kids up for the summer holidays.

“I’d never been here before, and my original thought was there are only so many houses you can build on an island,” she says.

“But when we went back down to Hawke’s Bay, we couldn’t get Waiheke out of our heads.”

So they made the move, deciding Waiheke was the place they would like to raise their children, now 28 and 30.

Since then Peter has built about 40 homes on the island, ranging from small Initial Homes and Lockwoods in the beginning, then as word spread about his capabilities, getting into larger, high end, architecturally designed homes.

Davidson Construction is solely based on Waiheke Island, and Dana and Peter see that as their competitive advantage.

“We understand all the difficulties in getting materials and equipment to and from the island,” Dana says.

“The logistics involved with it, which many people don’t realise, add a lot to a job.” The company today employs two tradesmen builders and a hammer hand.

Peter enjoys good relationships with local tradespeople and subcontractors, and Davidson Construction aims to use local people on its projects whenever possible.

Peter likes to take on challenging projects, and as a joiner by trade he has instinctive attention to detail and loves to work with timber.

He and Dana love helping their clients to achieve their dreams, but one of their main goals in business is merely to feed their family, and to make sure the people who work for them can feed their’s too.

“That’s why we have friendships with our clients and our subcontractors,” Dana says. “We want to be challenged, we want to make sure everyone can feed their family, and that the client gets a nice house.”

With 8500 permanent residents on Waiheke, the population can balloon up to 50,000 over summer. As such, much of Davidson Construction’s work has been building new holiday homes.

“Then we go on to help to look after and maintain those as well,” says Peter.

“We’re not just building, we’re offering a service for the maintenance of properties which is an ongoing issue for holiday homes on Waiheke.

Waiheke home maintenance service

Waiheke builder Peter Davidson is offering a new maintenance management service for local homes and buildings. Maintenance is proving an ongoing issue for the burgeoning number of holiday homes on the island.

“We offer the services to make sure all the things needed for warranties to stay current are performed, from washing down rooves to clearing spouting to emptying and cleaning septic tanks.”

Peter says maintenance management will ensure the investment in a Waiheke Island holiday home stays a good investment.

“If you build a $3 million home, there should be a minimum of $15,000 to $25,000 spent on maintenance every year,” he says.

“That will keep a $3 million home a $3 million home. Sometimes people don’t think about these things until something goes wrong.”


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