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Apartment project gets thumbs up

Kim Stewart Dec 12
Apartment project gets thumbs up
The N X N apartment development in Auckland is organised around an urban plaza that will be a shared multi-use space for residents.

Building near the boundary frontage of the site was the biggest challenge for Clearwater Construction on the N X N apartment development.

Located in a quiet cul-de-sac adjacent to Nixon Park in Auckland, the tight site meant that the project had to be constructed from the back of the site to the front.

A temporary loading zone was established and a tower crane used to move materials from this loading zone.

Apart from this Clearwater Construction project manager, Matthew Street, says the build was fairly straightforward with around 80 workers on site at the project peak.

“There was a lot of forward thinking and planning so we were always one step ahead of the game,” he says.

“Our experience in building these types of projects meant we knew how to plan effectively and anticipate potential problems that might occur so we could avoid these.”

N X N is being undertaken by Templeton Limited, a boutique developer focused on bespoke, designled projects ranging from luxury homes to heritage restorations to new inner city apartment complexes.

With concept design by boutique architecture and design practice, A Studio Architects, and project architect Beca on board, the 78 spacious one, two and three bedroom apartments of N X N have been designed for sophisticated living.

N X N is being organised around an elegant urban plaza that will be a shared, multi-use space for residents to share and enjoy.

“The project has come out really well and our team of subcontractors performed highly,” says Matthew.

“We’ve had some really good feedback on the finished product.” Clearwater Construction was established in 1984 and forms part of the DHC Group.

Matthew says that the company’s reputation is based on professionalism and a high level of technical expertise originating from its roots in engineering and civil infrastructure.

Clearwater Construction undertakes large scale residential, commercial, industrial and car park projects as either a specialist sub-contractor, main contractor or a design-build contractor.

Apartment project gets thumbs up

Clearwater Construction’s completed N X N apartment development offers 78 one, two and three bedroom apartments adjacent to Nixon Park in Auckland.

Matthew says that Clearwater Construction has developed a reputation for quality, innovation and cost-effective construction that fits the client’s needs rather than providing a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution.

The company’s offering is strengthened by sister companies D&H Steel Construction and DHC Consulting, which enables Clearwater Construction to act quickly and produce structurally sound and financially efficient construction solutions no matter what the type of project.

“Being able to draw on the vast experience
of all the companies in the group allows us to identify design improvements and generate build efficiencies,” says Matthew.

“These efficiencies often result in a reduced build cost as well as a reduced project time frame,” he says.

“Our professionalism, integrity and solid record of delivery brings us a great deal of repeat business from clients who often choose to engage us on a negotiated basis.”

Primarily working in Auckland and Christchurch the company can complete projects throughout the country and is presently extremely busy.

In Auckland Clearwater Construction is working on a design and build project of 41 apartments in Kepa Road, Mission Bay and a tendered build office block project in Greenlane. The company has also just begun a warehouse project in Manukau.

Recently completed projects include an extension to the Greenlane Christian Centre, Thompson Park apartments and gutting the top block of an apartment block in Hargraves Street to divide it into eight apartments.


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