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Changing the way that people build

Kim Stewart Nov 11
Changing the way that people build

Homes built off site in factory controlled conditions are high quality, quick and affordable, says Advance Build operations manager Richard Fisher.

“Where a normal build time for a house may take more than a year, a prefabricated transportable home can be completed in just a few months. From getting consent the home can be built in as little as 11 weeks. We then just need five weeks on site and it’s finished,” he says.

Advance Build is aiming to change the way people build homes by bringing a range of high quality manufactured housing to the New Zealand market.

Richard says there are many benefits including avoiding the inconvenience of a build on site and a high quality product for a fixed price.

Advance Build manufactures its product i ndoors meaning delays due to weather are not a problem. Richard says that the process is incredibly streamlined with the home constructed then delivered to site.

“Manufactured housing is really a better way to build,” he says.

“You can maintain a good handle on quality, minimise and control wastage and build away from the elements giving faster construction times.

“The benefits of building off-site are significant, especially in outlying areas where skilled labour is scarce and travel costs are prohibitive.

Changing the way that people build

Manufactured housing company Advanced Build prefabricates indoors in factory controlled conditions and delivers to the site. Its packages include everything from furnishings to site services.

“Off-site construction is especially appealing to owners of coastal and remote rural locations as building in a controlled environment can substantially shorten the construction timeline. For schools and business owners our build methods are safer and there is less disruption to their normal activities.”

Extensive research was undertaken by Advance Build into manufactured housing in countries such as the United States and Australia. The best ideas were brought back to New Zealand when the company was formed in 2008.

While manufactured homes have been long recognized overseas as the future to innovative high-quality buildings the concept is relatively new for New Zealand but it is gaining traction, particularly with the current demand for new housing.

The customer base is diverse and includes homeowners and investors. Advance Build offers a range of designs and making changes is easy, says Richard.

The company can also design and build from scratch for a truly unique home.
“Most people need an idea to start with but we rarely build exactly to plan as we customise each home.

At Advance Build, we understand there is no ‘one size fits all’,” he says. Advance Build’s package offer includes everything from furnishings to site services if required.

With Advance Build the client deals with a personal home consultant for the duration of the build with input from other professionals along the way.

Advance Build has gained the accreditation required to let the company offer the Homefirst Guarantee, an independently insured 10 year guarantee for residential construction to give customers peace of mind.

Advance Build typically builds for customers located from Auckland northwards and constructs a range of homes including functional family homes, contemporary beach baches, large lifestyle homesteads, weekend holiday homes and retirement homes.

The company also specialises in prefabricated classrooms and re-locatable offices.

Advance Build has its factory and company headquarters in Awanui with show homes in Kerikeri and Warkworth.


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