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90 Degrees covers all the angles

Tom O'Leary Oct 10
90 Degrees covers all the angles
90 Degrees Construction is involved in the construction of two architecturally designed homes in Pauanui, one recently finished (below) and the other expected to be completed by next April.

For Alex MacGibbon, half of the team behind thriving Bay of Plenty high-end residential building business 90 Degrees Construction, naming the business needed to carry real meaning and link with the founding values of the company she operates with builder husband Luke.

“We were away on holiday, shortly after I had finished my job for a large corporate so it was the perfect time to come up with a name that would signify what was of value to us and our point of difference. After some research, we learnt that in nature there are no true straight lines or corners other than a light beam.

A straight line is constructed by man and looks perfect to the human eye, and two straight lines create a 90 Degrees or “right” angle. This struck a chord with us because Luke is an absolute perfectionist when it comes to his building practice, and we always try to work with the client’s perspective or angle in mind.”

Alex explains. Their business began in 2016, with the intention of concentrating on the high-end residential market, servicing the Tauranga and Pauanui areas.

When Business North spoke with Alex, their first build, a beautifully crafted bach in Pauanui was just about to gain Code of Compliance.

It’s meant that Luke has spent the better part of the past 12 months away from home for the working week.

The couple believe this will have been worth it, once they enter this unique project into the Master Builder’s House of the Year competition.

While Luke’s skill-set and passion is very much tuned to working closely with architects to master the art of a top-end custom build, Alex has brought her creative corporate skills into developing client interface communication systems, project management pathways, marketing the company, evolving a workable business plan and ensuring all the I’s are dotted and T’s crossed in the most effective, transparent and efficient way possible.

“That’s the added value I can bring to our young company. I remember a quote from Steve Jobs that has become my mantra.

‘Simple can be harder than complex: you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple’.

“Information needs to be sexy, beautiful and simple and provided to the client in a way that immediately engages.”

The couple’s complementary skills have created a dynamic, going-forward approach with big visions guiding these early days.

“Basically my reference point was to ask myself ‘If I developed this system, could Luke use it?’ If he had to waste any time using it then it wasn’t going to work. I tested lots of free-trial apps before settling on the programmes we use.”

And just as Alex likes to see the big picture, Luke is innately tuned to the detail. “He’ll walk into a room and sense immediately whether the walls are straight and true.”

Alex is the first to acknowledge that while the company has the systems to communicate really effectively with clients, nothing replaces face to face.

There are also opportunities ahead to highlight the value-add that she says comes from working with a private builder, rather than a group housingbased company, so prevalent in the area they service.

Using social media such as Instagram has proven to be a winner as well.

“Instagram is becoming really quite important from an industry perspective. We’ve hit over 100 followers. It means photos can be shared as the build unfolds, showing in really effective ways the quality of Luke’s workmanship, along with new products on the market.”

90 Degrees covers all the angles

90 Degrees Construction is half way through its second architectural build, again in Pauanui.

On the Waterways, this large home has been beautifully designed and engineered to accommodate the whole family, with light, open spaces and modern interior details that will set off one of Pauanui’s most desired views.

Alex has developed a lively, easily-navigated web-site for prospective clients to connect with and she says the door is always open to anyone wanting to discuss their next home build in the Bay of Plenty and Pauanui.