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Show offers up ‘seriously good food’

Liki Udam Aug 8
Show offers up ‘seriously good food’
Tauranga’s Seriously Good Food Show, launched in 2013 , continues to go from strength to strength with record crowds at this year’s event.

The Seriously Good Food Show is continuing its serious success as the Bay of Plenty’s biggest food event, with this year’s show at the ASB Arena on July 1 and 2 drawing record breaking crowds of visitors, and exhibitors from all across New Zealand.

Attracting a varied mix of more than 140 exhibitors this year, showcasing boutique, unique, and artisan products, The Seriously Good Food Show includes companies which have attended all five shows, making the journey from the far north and down south every year.

Others have got on board for the first time, and have enjoyed the different environment Tauranga offers from the big city shows.

The Seriously Good Food Show is the brainchild of Bay Events owners Graeme and Raewyn Martin’s daughter Dana McCurdy, who on joining the team in 2012 felt there was a place in Tauranga for a smaller version of the large city food shows.

“The smaller food show was an unproven thing, and I had to convince a few people it was worthwhile,” she says.

“We thought we’d be happy if we got 4500 people, but when we launched in 2013, we got more than 8000 people. It was a huge roaring success!” She says Tauranga offers exhibitors a personal and one-on-one experience with visitors to the show.

“The exhibitors enjoy talking to Tauranga people, who are always friendly and happy to try something new.”

She says Bay Events has tried to create a happy and enjoyable experience for the exhibitors as well.

“We do a lot of online promotion for them which is free of charge, and if they have any issues, we are here to help them.”

And in turn, the exhibitors have helped Bay Events to understand how to better the experience of the show.

“With The Seriously Good Food Show growing bigger year on year, we are walking the talk and putting the ideas of our exhibitors into practice. Our exhibitors see a lot of things at other shows all across New Zealand, and they are full of really valuable information. We now have parking attendants managing the car park, better signage, and we have taken on board their ideas about the lay out of the show and about who we should have in our Live Cooking Theatre.”

Having now completed its largest Seriously Good Food Show to date, Bay Events knows it is heading in the right direction with the right mix of small businesses with innovative people and unique

Ninety per cent of visitors said their purchasing decisions would be affected by what they had seen at the show.

Dana says in today’s online world, getting in front of customers is still key to successful business, and therefore shows are standing up against the test of time.

“When you’ve got someone looking you in the eye and tasting your product, you can win them over. That experience is worth more than thousands of dollars worth of print advertising. You’re building relationships with your customers with that one-onone, face-to-face time.”


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