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Quality repair for prestige dealership

Quality repair for prestige dealership
Morel Construction has recently completed earthquake repairs to Christchurch luxury car dealership Archibalds Audi.

Working to a standard that is “exceptional without exception” Christchurch premium building specialist Morel Construction, has recently completed earthquake repairs to luxury car dealership Archibalds Audi.

The building at 32 Tuam Street in Christchurch was built in 2009, and sustained damage during the 2010 and 2011 earthquake events. Morel Construction got on board with the project after Engenium structural engineer Grant Coombes produced a report on the damage.

“On the basis of that report, we priced the repair which gave the building’s owners a price to take to their insurance company to have their claim cash settled,” says Morel Construction managing director Dax Morel.

The Morel Construction team completed the repair work while Archibald Motors continued to trade, which Dax says was the project’s biggest challenge.

“It has been quite an involved project with the fact it’s a live building and there are restrictions around when we can and can’t make noise,” Dax says.

“We connected with Archibalds Audi general manager Eric Swinbourne and his staff to work out what was convenient to happen when, and we’ve managed to complete the project with minimal disruption to their business.”

Morel Construction has spent weekends and late nights working on site to achieve this.

As well as staff and premium Archibald clients, Morel Construction was working around luxury motor vehicles.

When part of the project needed a hole to be cut into the ceiling above the latest Audi S7, its $226,000 price tag had the Morel Construction team asking for the car to be moved – just in case.

Other innovations on the project included the glazing whereby the engineer and the glazier came up with an alternative design to allow the glazing to be provided and installed more quickly and easily.

Morel Construction was established in 2009 by Dax and his brother Todd, who grew up on a 10 acre block in Timaru.

“Anything dad wanted on the property, we had to build ourselves, so we grew up with hammers in our hands,” Dax says.

As well as building sheds and farm buildings, Dax and Todd also helped their dad to restore vintage farm machinery.

About 25 years ago, the brothers both completed their apprenticeships in Christchurch for leading commercial construction companies.

During this time they worked on such iconic projects as the CBS Arena, Christchurch Casino, Canterbury University Commerce Building, and Canterbury Museum earthquake strengthening before branching into other areas of the construction industry both in New Zealand and overseas.

They honed their skills in traditional cob craft artistry, ranging from high spec, architectural residential building and project management, to multi-storey commercial construction and civil works, culminating in the skills and measures of true quality that is the Morel Construction standard today.

Dax says improvements in technology have made massive changes to the construction industry since he’s been involved.

“Instant communication has created efficiencies on site with the ability to send emails and photos, and ask a question of an architect or engineer and have it answered within a couple of hours.”

Morel Construction has recently embraced new technology and more efficiencies in the office with Corecon, a comprehensive cloud based construction software suite for estimating, project management, job cost control, scheduling, and collaboration.


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