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Warehouse project taking shape

Liki Udam Aug 8
Warehouse project taking shape
Stage one of Apollo Projects’ extensive warehousing at Waterloo Park is complete and offers over 5000sqm of space and 300 sqm of offices for client Sorted Logistics, bringing together their warehousing, distribution and freight forwarding operation. Sorted Logistics is leasing the first two stages from developer Southpark Corporation.

Apollo Projects is preparing to roll out the next phase of Sorted Logistics expansive new complex at Waterloo Business Park that brings together their warehousing, distribution and freight forwarding operations.

The total development, across four stages, will be designed and built by Apollo Projects and will have in excess of 22,000sqm warehouse with over 600sqm office and cafeteria space.

Warehouse project taking shape

Truck manoeuvrability and warehouse access with cantilevered canopies are key design features of Sorted Logistics’ expansive new complex at Waterloo Park. The warehouse was designed and built by Apollo Projects, which is preparing to roll out the next phase of the development. The total project, when completed will have in excess of 22,000sqm of warehouse space.


Sorted Logistics is leasing the first two stages from specialist developer Southpark Corporation, a joint venture partner at the business park.

Stage 1, now fully complete, includes warehousing of more than 5000sqm along with 300sqm of offices at the front of the site and associated carparks.

Large drive around truck manoeuvrability with warehouse access on both the short and long sides of the buildings – protected by cantilevered canopies to facilitate easy pick-ups and deliveries – are a key design feature, included also in Stage 2.

This second stage, nearing completion, adds an additional 6000sqm of warehouse space.

Both buildings feature strong post-tension floor slabs, clear span portal frames, durable precast panels and architecturally designed administrative functions.

Provision of contract storage and distribution is one of Sorted Logistics core services.

“They are third party logistics providers for a range of multinationals,” says Bevan Hames, Apollo Projects business development manager.

With the first two stages almost done, Apollo Projects’ focus is now on finalising design and consent for Stages 3 and 4, which will be privately owned investments, again leased by Sorted Logistics.

All four stages will have cross docking linkages, while being future proofed with independent operational capability.

“We’ve found Apollo Projects extremely easy to do business with, not afraid to challenge the status quo and focussed on delivering an end product safely and with pride,” observes Sorted Logistics Director Kris Webster.

Stages 3 and 4 will all be about the same size as the first two, 5000sqm to 6000sqm.

“Waterloo has set aside a fair amount of land; it is great to have the space to roll out facilities of this scale,” says Bevan.

“We have had a great working relationship with Southpark Corporation and Waterloo Business Park for many years now and we are still one of the most active builders out there.

They have done a fantastic job in setting a new standard for business park infrastructure.”

In turn, Waterloo is pleased with Apollo’s performance.

“Apollo is an outstanding company to work with,” says Lissa Birse, Development Manager for Waterloo Business Park

“They really understand how to take a project from concept to completion and bring a lot of options to the table.

Their robust processes ensure the best outcome is achieved for landlord and tenant alike.”

A design challenge for Apollo Projects in Stage 3 will be to meet Very Narrow Aisle (VNA) racking requirements.

In practice, this will mean having to install extremely flat flooring to provide a secure and safe surface for handling operations.

Special tools and equipment will be needed to achieve the flatness required.

Bunded flooring will also be used to ensure hazardous substances can be safely moved, stored and if need be, contained.

Apollo Projects has worked with Southpark Corporation on a number of other design-and-build projects at Waterloo Business Park

“The new 7500sqm facility for Fliway is a great example, along with Santa Rosa’s chicken processing factory,” Bevan says.

An industry leader, Apollo Projects’ expertise is sought after for design and build projects that typically involve temperature/hygiene controlled environments, such as food processing, wineries, cold stores and dairy factories.

However, regardless of this specialist expertise, it is ‘the relationships’ that is Apollo’s real focus, evidenced by many successful projects with Waterloo and with over 70 per cent of their work being with repeat clients.

Another exciting project on its books in Christchurch is the new QEII pools’ complex.

Its team is also working on various sporting facilities and new retail developments at Ravenswood and Mandeville in North Canterbury, along with several service station developments throughout the South Island.


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