Difference is in the detail for show home

Difference is in the detail for show home
BT Builders’ new show home in Rolleston will demonstrate the unique ideas that the company has to offer.

With a target market of first and second home buyers, Canterbury’s BT Builders has developed a sound business model which allows the company to provide a quality range of specifications from entry level prices to architectural homes, including elements of environmental design and landscaping.
A new BT Builders show home is due to open this summer in Branthwaite subdivision, Rolleston, on the corner of Lincoln-Rolleston Road and Rueben Drive, to demonstrate the unique ideas the company can offer.
“We ensure our clients are well informed and can help them understand site specifi c reports when purchasing land to protect themselves against cost overruns prior to purchasing their section and commencing earthworks,” says BT Builders managing director Brad Tucker.
“We also consult with our clients to establish their lifestyle requirements, so we can provide optimal site orientation for solar gains and outdoor use.”
BT Builders includes details as standard in their homes which other building companies consider extras, such as rebating doors and full height windows into the slab which allows a smooth, flush finish with the floor coverings.
Attention to such detail helps to eliminate problematic, uncontrolled airflow, while the use of architraves prevents the cracking which often appears in conventional grooved timber windows and door jambs.
“We in clude intelligent storage systems such as full height wardrobe sliding doors, and cupboard organisers,” Brad says.
“We also have concealed roof space storage accessed by a fold away ladder within the garage as standard in our builds.”
All BT Builders’ homes feature polystyrene rib raft foundations which provide resilience against seismic movement and thermal properties.
BT Builders focuses on providing homes which are fully finished inside and out, down to the landscaping, letter box, clothesline, patios, driveways, and even the vehicle crossing.
“We want to provide people with what they need,” Brad says. “We don’t charge a huge amount for variations. We have a small list of exclusions so if people want to upgrade their tiles, insulate their garage, upgrade insulation or even change a back splash, we can provide accurate detailed pricing to the client.”
The BT Builders team comprises of Brad, his wife Jeanette, administrator Kayla, and a project manager, along with their specialist consultants who work together with clients throughout their build process.
Construction is contracted to NJ Ilton Builders, a great team of builders who work closely with each other to complete every home at the same high level.
“We have dedicated specialist painters and plasterers providing high quality results, and a colour consultant to help our clients with their interior and exterior colours and materials.”
In the new year, BT Builders has plans to introduce app-based systems for the BT Builders’ team, clients, and contractors that will enable efficient communication for their health and safety and project management.
A personalised log in app from a smart phone provides high detail of real time updates of the build process.
BT Builders is set on the path towards sustainable construction, focusing now on reducing the overall carbon footprint of the home from construction to occupancy.
The company is heading towards integrating environmental design and construction into standard homes.
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