Load tensioning device safer option

Load tensioning device safer option
Borlase Transport’s Steve and Duncan Borlase have developed a safer way to tighten and secure log loads.

With all the health and safety regulations that have come into effect, Nelson based Borlase Transport aims to take the risk away from forest owners when it comes to the transportation of their logs, says company shareholder Steve Borlase.
“Our longevity in the industry and reputation means that our clients know that when they hire Borlase Transport the job will be completed correctly and safely,” he says. Borlase Transport places a real emphasis on health and safety in all aspects of the business.
This has also resulted in innovation. Steve and his father Duncan, who co-direct the company together, have even developed a safer way to tighten and secure log loads.
Traditionally log loads are secured to logging trucks with chains and a load binder twitch, which is a metal chain-tensioning device with a hook at either end to attach to the chains and a lever to tighten.
Usually the twitches are attached vertically, and the action of tightening the chains by pulling down on the twitch handle can be a safety risk if people slip and the handle comes back upwards and can hit the person in the face.
The pair came up with the Borlase Bellcrank – a typical bellcrank system used in a different way and with the placement of the twitch changed so that it operates horizontally rather than vertically.
This means that if the handle kicks back it travels away from the operator, hitting the side of the load and cannot injure them.
The positioning also eases longterm wear and tear on the upper body. It’s just one example of how Borlase Transport seeks to come up with the right solution to suit clients’ needs, says Steve.
And it has resulted in significant growth for the company in the past five years Duncan started Borlase Transport in the late 70’s and operated as a one-man band for many years.
A major contract saw the company experience a growth spurt in the early 90s and it has continued its upward projection of late on the back of the thriving forestry industry.
Borlase Transport has grown from 15 to 34 trucks in recent years. Duncan oversees the business while Steve takes the lead on health and safety. The company has ACC tertiary level accreditation, has reached ACC Fleet Saver gold level and is an NZTA five star operator.
“We’ve always prided ourselves on our high quality of service. We always try to meet the needs of our customers and build a strong long-term relationship with them. This has been a key factor in our growth,” says Steve.

Load tensioning device safer option
Borlase Transport has grown from 15 to 34 trucks in recent years.

Another big factor has been the company’s skilled staff who boast some impressive qualifications.
Sixteen staff have attained gold certificates as part of the Log Transport Safety Council’s Pathway to Success programme, which provides a national standard for drivers. Eight Borlase Transport staff have been awarded bronze certificates and three platinum certificates.
The platinum award can only be obtained after six years’ service and the completion of a senior driver certificate or management certificate and Steve says there have only been eight such certificates awarded in the whole country.
Borlase Transport moves logs in the top of the South Island, in particular in Nelson, Picton, Marlborough and the West Coast.
“Our aim is to continue to provide a great service to our customers. The outlook going forward for the forestry industry is looking very positive and we will be focused on adapting our business to meet demand.”
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