Blake Civil goes from strength to strength

Blake Civil goes from strength to strength
Blake Civil Construction specialises in bulk earthworks, commercial and domestic drainage, trucking, landscaping and retaining, roading and concreting.

Over the last 21 years Blake Civil Construction Ltd has built a solid ‘can do’ reputation with a kiwi spirit of old in the hectic world of Civil Construction around the greater Auckland area.
Originally established by father and son team Kerry and Dean Blake, nowadays, while Kerry maintains a keen interest in the business, Dean has the role of Managing Director and his passion for the work and the business has never been stronger.
Dean started his working life as a mechanic/panel beater/painter and when he and his dad started the business together he brought those valuable skills with him.
“I was able to repair all the diggers and trucks, saving us a fortune so we could grow the business instead of spending our money on maintenance,” explains Dean.
“We’d buy gear that looked rough – panelbeat and paint it and tidy things up mechanically – then put it out on a job looking like brand new.”
Based in Coatseville, half way between Kumeu and Albany, Blake Civil Construction has grown since its early days, now with a large array of machinery that includes excavators ranging from 1.8 tonne to 12 tonnes and trucks from little tippers right up to big truck and trailer units. The business owns its own transporters, making it totally self-reliant.
Specialising in bulk earthworks, commercial and domestic drainage, trucking, landscaping and retaining, roading and concreting, Blake Civil Construction is like a Swiss Army Knife in the range of services it provides—a one-stop shop.
With a team of 12 staff, the company’s complementary labour skill sets include drivers, digger operators, drainlayers and a building crew.
“The good thing about our company is that we do everything. For example on a subdivision site where there is one house, we’ll demolish the house and take it away.
“We’re certified Auckland City Council and Watercare drainlayers so we can do all the drainage works for the subdivisions, all the earthworks, build all the retaining walls, pour the concrete, and put the services in—right up to the point where the developer can apply for sign-off.”
Dean say feedback from clients is that being able to do everything without subcontracting work out is a big bonus—especially subdivision clients because they don’t have to deal with multiple people, saving them time and money.
“We also have a contract with Auckland Motorway Alliance to look after the storm water maintenance for them.

Blake Civil goes from strength to strength
Blake Civil has a team of 12 staff – including drivers, digger operators, drain-layers and a building crew.

“My area is from the Harbour Bridge to Puhoi and all the northwestern motorways. So repairing, reshaping and unblocking the swale drains down the side of the motorway and putting concrete aprons around manholes—that kind of thing.”
Recently Blake Civil very successfully completed a storm water swale regrade and reshape just over the Harbour Bridge in Auckland. “The difficulty was that it was just over the bridge in Auckland central and right on the side of the water.
“There were all sorts of challenges—environmental impacts, being in a high traffic area, and having to work under protected trees. After 6 weeks of work we got a pat on the back and commended for how we handled the job given is complexities.”
Real kiwi blokes priding themselves on doing a really good job sums up the spirit of Blake Civil Construction.
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