Coffee cartel has the blend for success

Coffee cartel has the blend for success
All Black & White Coffee Cartel cafes feature plenty of quirky art and memorabilia - creating an eccentric vibe unique to each store.

Characterised by hand picked quirky art populating its café walls, Black & White Coffee Cartel has made quite the impression on Christchurch’s cafe scene and is set to take its franchise across the country.
Since opening its first Christchurch café in February of 2015, eight additional cafés have been added to the Christchurch stable with one in Queenstown and its Rangiora cafe set to open its doors in November.
In the final stages of securing cafes in Timaru and Ashburton, franchise opportunities are available in Dunedin, Invercargill and Nelson with Auckland and Wellington next on the business plan.
“It’s been bloody busy – non-stop,” says founder Bink Bowler.
“There’s been a massive demand for what we’re doing. The thing for us is hitting it while we’re hot—we can’t cool off. If you look at all the companies that have been successful, they just go for it. To me, when you go into business you are live – you’re no longer in the testing phase -you’re doing it.”
Bink says there is no escaping the fact that with Black & White Coffee Cartel’s growth, it is now a chain.
But he says unlike so many other cafe chains operating in New Zealand that cannot be distinguished from each other, the Cartel’s offering is completely different and that is the appeal to both its owner/operators and customers.
“The look and feel is completely different. All of our cafes roast coffee in-house, which no one else is doing. A strong aversion to ‘minimalistic and white walls’, Bink frequents second hand stores selecting quirky art to cover wall spaces -creating an eccentric vibe unique to each store.
“When you look at an independent coffee shop you know its quality. We have used the franchise business model but not the franchise operational model. What we’ve done really well is taken the in-dependent coffee shop look and feel and transmit-ted that across all our sites.”
Black & White Coffee Cartel is the first café franchise to include micro-roasting in every café which is drawing experienced cafe operators who also want to expand their reach by taking control of the roasting process within the café.
“We’re the only micro-roasting franchise in New Zealand and customers will see the beautiful black and brass roasters that take pride of place in every shop.”

Coffee cartel has the blend for success
Black & White Coffee Cartel has made quite an impression on Christchurch’s thriving cafe scene.

With the quirky art on the walls and the smell of roasting coffee in the cafe, it is the cafes’ eclectic and eccentric experience that makes the difference for people who enjoy good coffee and simple cabinet food done well.
Bink says the continual growth of Black & White Coffee Cartel has exceeded expectation.
“I’m not even 30 yet and I feel very honoured – I sometimes pinch myself that this has happened.
“I think the thing for me in my general life, is continuing to be grateful. It’s very easy to get lost in it all. I always have to remember what my passion is and where I came from because I had a hard run in my earlier business career – so I always have to remember that, to keep grateful. I take a personal inventory every day where I re-cap everything—self reflection almost and that’s important.”
Not surprisingly, Bink’s passion is cafes.
A classic long black drinker, Bink says while he is into coffee, coffee is coffee but what is special about coffee is the culture that comes from that, which is through cafes.
“Kiwis have such high expectation of coffee—it’s so ingrained in our culture. We probably do have the best coffee and café culture in the world.”
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