Belfast Park has ideal location

Belfast Park has ideal location
Built on the site of the old Canterbury Freezing Works Belfast Business Park is 10 minutes from Christchurch’s CBD, adjacent to the northern motorway and a stone’s throw from North Canterbury’s burgeoning residential areas.

In the days following the Christchurch earthquakes those enduring the drive from Christchurch’s northern suburbs into the CBD, Hornby or Sock-burn to get to work will recall the congestive bumper-to-bumper agonising crawl along the motorway. The only thing worse was knowing the agony had to be repeated when the 5pm whistle blew.Enter the Belfast Business Park.
Built on the site of the old Canterbury Freezing Works just 10 minutes from Christchurch’s CBD, adjacent to the northern motorway and a stone’s throw from North Canterbury’s burgeoning residential areas, the development has proven to be inspired.
Developed by Belfast Business Park Ltd, headed by property investor Simon Henry, the land was acquired late 2012 with development commencing late the following year.
The significant population drift to the northern suburbs of Rangiora, Kaiapoi, Pegasus and Woodend post earthquake, presented Simon and his team a golden opportunity to develop an industrial park closer to that population base—away from the traditional industrial areas to the west.
With off ramps from Belfast Road onto the motorway, improved access through to the port via the ring route onto QEII Drive and Anzac Drive, the reduction of traffic on Main North Road due to the Belfast by-pass through the Groynes and a zippy 9 kilometre drive to the airport, the Business Park has proven a wise investment.
Initially encompassing 62 hectares, 40 hectares were sold as raw industrial land with the remaining 22 hectare development broken into five separate stages comprised of 42 individual building sites.
Targeting industrial trade based businesses such as light manufacturing, construction companies and storage companies, all but eight sites remain unsold with all development work, including roading, drainage and earthworks completed.
Of the sites already purchased, about 50% have been developed or have plans underway for development. Those plans have to come in for developer approval before going through Council.“We’ve been very pleasantly surprised at the uptake of the sites,” says the Park’s General Manager Brendon Stewart.
“We thought we were on to something by developing an industrial park in the north—but there was always a bit of risk. One of the key things that got us over the line was commencement of the northern corridor. When completed in six months 42,000 vehicles a day will travel down that motorway.”
In close proximity to Northwood Shopping Centre, New World Supermarket and a scattering of cafes and bakeries around Main North Road, those working within the Business Park are well catered for.
“There’s also a lot of affordable residential development going on in the Belfast area. Spring Grove subdivision is literally 100 metres from the southern boundary of the business park. “Belfast has always been a traditional labour pool area and with affordable housing and local amenities there is very good infrastructure in the region.”
Reflecting on the industrial development that has taken place in Belfast, Brendon says Belfast Business Park has been the trigger for a lot that development.“With all the land that has been zoned industrial in Belfast and the industrial corridor created along side the new motorway there are approximately 130 hectares of industrial zoned land in Belfast.
“In time there is going to be a very significant industrial hub. “So those who get in now and buy land will benefit from growth and expansion through that industrial corridor over time.”
The development of Belfast Business Park ensures that businesses are well placed to feed services and products out to their customer base in the northern suburbs a lot quicker than if they were out west.With many employees hailing from the northern suburbs they are rewarded with shorter travel runs, less driver fatigue and less vehicles on the road.
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