Building homes with a real difference

Building homes with a real difference
Barn Builders prides itself on creating unique homes tailored to suit their client’s lifestyle.

Northland’s Barn Builders has passed from the hands of local identity Tim Magill to Brett Hoyle, who is hoping to retain Tim’s old school style of business while he moves the company into 2019.
“There has been a lot of development since Tim started Barn Builders in 2000, and we want to capitalise on the current market,” Brett says.
“Your whole business model, your competition, your health and safety and other legislation, your council regulations are all different right across the board. We have really had to up our game to keep effiCient and keep current.”
Brett and Tim share the same passion for building. Brett says that Tim’s clients always loved his style and approach, which was a bit different, a bit alternative, a bit unconventional, but was reflected not only in his holistic approach to each and every property as unique, but in the end results as well. “We’re not here just to sell people buildings,” Brett says.
“We go to a site, strive to get to know the client and their aspirations for their property, taking a holistic approach, and actually build something that works for them and that’s a real asset to them” Brett says Barn Builders gets thrown curveballs on just about every project.
“It’s really our passion to provide a building for the client that ticks all the boxes, and in 20 years’ time they’ll still love it.
“We take that time at the beginning to make sure when their barn goes up, it’s exactly what they want and operates how they want.”
Barn Builders provides good honest advice at site visits, giving their clients an idea of what will and won’t work on their site, and how they could save money by doing something differently. “We’ll share some ideas and alternatives and work to make it a real solution.”
Barn Builders has clients who don’t price around anymore, because they’ve learned to trust the company, its approach and its product.
Barn Builders is now receiving a large number of enquiries from people moving out of the city and shifting north, to create their own unique lifestyle property.
“They don’t want a run of the mill house but something that reflects their own ideals. They might want a temporary dwelling while they plan their future home, or they might have bought a block of land and they just want to move on and live ‘bach style’ for a while before they build their primary home.
Funnily enough; sometimes these interim homes are so cosy and liveable the main house just doesn’t happen!” For those that do go on to build a primary home, their interim dwelling remains a ‘consented’ minor dwelling that adds value to their property; that dropping on a shipping container or parking up a house bus just doesn’t have.
Barn Builders is now working on some standard barn plans and a range of ‘Little Shacks’.
“It’s a minor dwelling, one to two bedrooms maximum and a carport, and they’ve got a bit of bling about them.”
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