Drainage services constantly in demand

Drainage services constantly in demand
Awakeri Drainage has expanded its offerings to include the latest technology in underground trenching.

Demand is strong for the services Awakeri Drainage Ltd offer and Jarvis Bishop says the future continues to feel positive.
“The forestry sector is still going really strong, along with orchard and subdivision development throughout Hawke’s Bay,” says Jarvis, son of company founder Jim Bishop.
Established in 1970 Awakeri Drainage Ltd, located at Tomoana, Hastings, has expanded its offerings to include the latest technology in underground trenching, the Mastenbroek 20/15 GPS Chain Trencher.
The third generation company imported the trencher from the United Kingdom in June 2017.
Since then it has well and truly earned its place in the fleet, with strong demand for the exceptional trenching work the machine undertakes.
Designed to dig, lay drainage pipe in accordance with GPS coordinates and backfill all in the same process the Mastenbroek has reduced the time it takes to complete a trenching project to about a quarter of the time it would take using conventional trenching techniques.
Awakeri Drainage Ltd has several divisions supporting the rural and horticultural sectors including a range of graded soils, crushed concrete, graded stone and metal supplies used as fill and for track and road maintenance.
The company’s fleet extends to excavators, tipper trucks, trailers, tractors and a comprehensive range of specialised attachments.
When asked about the qualities that go into making a great machinery operator Jarvis says immediately that the most important attribute is to have the ability to work in a team.
Flexibility and a ‘get on with it’ attitude are essential.
At the peak a day can extend to 18 hours because while the weather is fine we have to get as much work done as possible.
“Then when it rains, there are down-days as well – a happy and willing attitude goes a lot further than someone with fancy tickets and qualifications in our game,” says Jarvis.
While operating the Mastenbroek trencher requires specialised training, Jarvies says that most of the staff are able to operate all the equipment across the fleet.
He says that training the staff on all the machines is important to reduce downtime if staff are away or sick.
The company is growing and has its own servicing workshop.
Maintaining the fleet is crucial to the businesses success as every item is costly to replace.
“It’s really important that in the peak periods, all our fleet is working as down-time is very difficult to claw back.”
As of recent months, landowners are putting more importance on drainage in their blocks, which is what they like to see.
“Recently, we have customers wanting the drain-age Peametal to come right to the surface – creating the ‘Rolls Royce’ of drainage systems. It’s great to see – customers believing in what we believe in”
When asked about future plans to extend the fleet Jarvis says that the current range and quantity of options within the fleet means Awakeri Drainage Ltd can meet current demand for its services in a timely way – however up-sizing and upgrading is a constant process.
“We can’t control the weather and our endeavour is always to get the job done as quickly as possible to the high standards our valued clients, many of whom have been with us for years”
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