New centre will be hub for West Melton

New centre will be hub for West Melton
Armitage Williams Construction is on track to complete the West Melton Community Centre by the end of October.

One of Selwyn’s fastest growing townships, West Melton, will soon have a new multipurpose community and recreation centre to replace its old hall.
Armitage Williams Construction is on track to complete the $8.3 million facility by the end of October 2018 and, as the work continues, the facility is becoming a major focus of local interest.
“A number of community groups and programmes [are] already lining up to use the facility,” says Joanne Nikolaou, Selwyn District Council’s property project manager.
“The centre will be professionally managed by the council to maximise the use of the facility, while the community committee will retain a local governance role.”
Facilities within the new centre will include a main stadium with full-sized basketball court, meeting rooms, a catering kitchen, Playcentre and Plunket facilities, a Scout hall and youth area, plus toilets and changing facilities.
The final stage will involve landscaping and the addition of new car parking. Built in the mid-1930s and extended in the 1960s, the existing hall has not been keeping up with the needs of West Melton’s growing population and has become expensive to maintain, according to the council.
“[So] the opportunity was taken to cater to the needs of indoor sporting clubs and community groups, as well as providing meeting and function rooms,” Joanne says, noting that the centre will be well-equipped to serve as a venue for local and corporate conferences and meetings.
The new centre is being built behind the old hall, adjacent to West Melton Domain. Once the new facility is finished, the old hall will be demolished with its footprint becoming part of the new carpark area. During construction, the existing hall is continuing to operate.
“With everything on the same site, it means we have had to stage the project but that hasn’t posed any problems,” says project manager Graham Petersen, of Armitage Williams Construction.
“The construction site is completely fenced off from the old hall and from the public.” To date, foundations and most of the floor slabs have been poured and laminated veneer lumber portals for the main hall erected.
Structurally strong cross laminated timber panels will be used to form the bulk of the centre’s walls. “Getting the roof on, using composite metal cladding, will be the next stage as we start to get the building enclosed,” Graham says. The high part of the main hall will also feature composite cladding.”
Joanne Nikolaou says that it is anticipated that the new facility will not only serve the residents of West Melton, but will also be an important facility for the wider district.
“Selwyn district’s network of facilities can be utilised by a wide variety of user groups, although local users will, of course, have priority of use.”
Williams Construction is liaising regularly with the council as the work progresses onsite.
From the council perspective, Joanne observes that the relationship with Armitage Williams as head contractor has been very satisfactory.
“They have brought a can-do approach to the project and the positive partnership has been a key feature of the process.” Armitage Williams has been a market leader in commercial construction for more than 30 years, and has achieved many award-winning building solutions.
It has a loyal and long-serving team, strongly committed to deliverin g consistent, reliable quality results, along with environmentally friendly construction techniques and compliance with health and safety standards.
As well as the new centre for West Melton, the company is currently working with the Selwyn District Council on a new sports centre at Rhodes Park.
It is also completing upgrades at the Jelly Park and Pioneer Recreation and Sport Centres for the Christchurch City Council.
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