Keeping it to scale in Hastings

Keeping it to scale in Hastings
The Three Wise Birds cidery project involved constructing a poly panel cidery, an office space off the side, a separate tasting room and garden bar.

Hastings builders, Architekton Building Construction Ltd has operated since 2001. Owner Brendon Andrews is carrying on the family tradition, having acquired his skills initially working for his father Barry Andrews.
Today, son Isaiah, who completes the team, is a qualified carpenter. Though in the early 2000’s the company was larger Brendon says he is happy with just himself and Isaiah, supported by three or four mates who step in to help when larger projects come along.
“We concentrate mainly on residential alterations along with new houses and we stay mostly in this area as there is enough work for us to be occupied ongoing,” says Brendon.
Reflecting on 2018 Brendon describes activity as fairly typical.
“We’re fortunate to operate in an area where there is ongoing building and we have plenty of work ahead.” One factor that is contributing to this positive situation is that council is opening up new areas for residential building.
“There has been a shortage of available land, however looking forward to the next year to 18 months there will be more land freed up so we’re expecting demand to remain strong in the foreseeable future.”
When Business Central spoke with Brendon he had just completed a new build for Three Wise Birds, a cidery on Pakowhai Road, producing topclass apple cider from their local orchard.
The build, which took six months to complete involved constructing a poly panel cidery, an office space off the side, a separate tasting room and garden bar. Brendon says the project went very well. “We project managed this build from earthworks until completion.”
This year is stacking up to be just as busy, though Brendon says he has his priorities sorted in terms of work/life balance.
“We will continue building at the level we are for several years to come, however we are both keen on hunting and fishing so our attitude is very much that we work to live and enjoy the opportunities that running a successful business offers to get out and about and enjoy life.”
He’s also happy with the current size of the company and with the ability to call in additional help when needed doesn’t plan to grow bigger.
“The more people you employ the harder it can be. You have a responsibility to ensure there’s enough work coming in all the time. We’re happy with our current size and capability.”
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