Extension on track at Chch freight hub

Extension on track at Chch freight hub
The warehouse expansion will boost Sorted Logistics’ operation at Waterloo Business Park to nearly 18,000 square metres.

Apollo Projects is working closely with Sorted Logistics at Waterloo Business Park to deliver another state of the art warehouse building that will boost Sorted Logistics’ total operation at Waterloo to nearly 18000sqm of purpose built offices and warehousing.
This latest development further cements Waterloo Business Park’s strategic position in Christchurch as a freight and distribution hub, with Sorted Logistics one of its key operators.
Apollo Projects was first engaged to roll out the design and build for Sorted Logistics in mid-2016.
With the first two stages completed, Apollo Projects is now well into the third 6000sqm construction stage, with completion anticipated in October 2018. From the outset, this entire project has been designed with functionality and ease of use in mind.
Features of the warehousing spaces include flexible dual-sided loading systems, narrow-aisle racking, LED lighting and the latest wireless control technology.
A notable feature in the latest warehouse extension is a purpose-built commercial kitchen that will provide in-house food options for staff at Sorted Logistics.
“We’re working pretty well with our programme,” says Mark Wilson, project manager for Apollo. “We’re on target to hit our milestones that will enable racking and stocking to be done on time. There will be generous racking throughout this warehouse.”
Procurement has been managed very carefully to minimise delays and hold-ups.
This is a crucial part of the equation, given that so many construction elements, such as structural steel and precast concrete walls, are made off-site.
“It can be a bit of a juggling act sometimes, making sure everything is in place at the right time. There is a lot that needs to be designed, shop drawn, processed approved and manufactured.”
Work on the third stage is progressing smoothly, with post-tensioned floor slabs due to be installed by the end of July following the completion of roofing and wall claddings.

Extension on track at Chch freight hub
The latest development for Sorted Logistics at Waterloo Business Park cements the complex as a freight and destination hub.

Enclosing the building before pouring the concrete ensures this latter task can be done in a controlled environment, rather than being at the mercy of the weather.
“We will do three concrete pours, each one reasonably large. We’ll do the first two on consecutive
days and then wait 10 days before doing the third. After the concrete has been poured, we will tension up these strands of high tensile steel running from one end of the warehouse to the other.”
The post-tensioning process reinforces and strengthens the concrete slabs.
Concrete pours must also be managed with precision to ensure the entire warehouse will be smoothly and evenly floored. “Having flat floors is essential in a building where there will be forklifts operating.”
Operationally, this latest phase of construction is having no impact on Sorted Logistics, as it is effectively being run as a neighbouring – but standalone building site. At any one time, a team of up to 35 is working on-site to get the job done.
This latest warehouse expansion may not be the last; Mark says additional stages have not been ruled out. Apollo Projects is proud of the modern warehousing facilities it is delivering for Sorted Logistics at Waterloo.
“It is one of the largest staged warehousing projects that we have undertaken in Christchurch.”
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