Young firm is rich on experience

Young firm is rich on experience
One of Anatoki Construction’s first projects in Upper Moutere was an engineering workshop.

Golden Bay’s Anatoki Construction brings broad and ranging expertise to the Nelson and Tasman construction industry, with company founder and director Beau Quartly running high end architectural, commercial, industrial, and rural projects in his 15 years of building.
Beau’s business started in Christchurch 11 years ago, after working for large construction companies as site foreman. Then on meeting his wife Anna from Auckland, the couple decided to settle somewhere in between.
They moved to Golden Bay three years ago, and Beau got a building job for a year and a half while he settled in and made some contacts before setting up Anatoki Construction.
Beau’s previous experience of running commercial and residential projects – including large tilt panel workshops, commercial interiors, concrete construction, and high-end housing – set him in good stead to undertake any type of build the Nelson Tasman market has to offer up.
“My experience and skill level is broad and ranging, I’ve done pretty much most things over the years,” he says.
One of Anatoki Construction’s first projects in Upper Moutere was a pole shed engineering workshop to cater to the needs of a former dairy farmer now lifestyle farmer client with 30 acres, most of his farming machinery, and a new Readylawn business.
Anatoki Construction has now completed a new home build, of a three -edroom, 120sqm home designed by local architectural designer Andy Clark.
Beau says the owner had done a lot of home work, knew what she wanted, and all but designed her new home herself with Andy to draw it up.
Since most of Golden Bay’s easy to build on sections have now been built on, local builders are finding themselves on more challenging sites, such as this tricky hill site. “The driveway was so steep we had to take all the frames up on a trailer because we couldn’t get the truck up the hill,” Beau says.
“It certainly wasn’t a straightforward build.” Building custom deigned houses such as this one definitely makes things interesting.
“There is only one square room in the house, which is the bathroom. It’s got PVC windows which you don’t get in every house, designed in Germany and manufactured by NK Window Solutions in Christchurch.
“The home also features extra thick 6×2 framed walls, providing a greater R-value for the walls and room for more insulation.”
Anatoki Construction installed Terra Lana wool blend insulation in the walls, EXPOL underfloor poly styrene insulation in the floor, and a double layer of batts in the ceiling giving it a superior R-value of 5.1. The home is nestled into a hillside on Upper Rocklands Road with a view north to Golden Bay.
There is a lot of glazing on the north side, giving the home a lot of solar gain through the glass, and the home is oriented to catch most of the sun.
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