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Escape system has ponds covered

Escape system has ponds covered

Safety around effluent and irrigation ponds is coming into the spotlight as law changes will mean at least two forms of exit from a pond are required.

Typically this has been via a ladder system but Hamish Forbes, owner of Pondco, has come up with an innovative alternative solution that ensures that escape is possible no matter where in the pond somebody might fall in.

“Traditional systems use a ladder on one side of the pond however if a person falls into the pond on the opposite side of the ladder they are in a very dangerous situation. Trying to swim fully clothed and possibly fighting the effects of the stirrer would make exiting the pond extremely difficult, if not impossible. The Pondco Safety Escape System is designed so that whatever side of the pond a fall may occur, there is always a rope close at hand,” he explains.

The rope system follows the entire perimeter of the pond so people never have far to reach to a rope.

The system is anchored to the corners providing a secure point of exit. The ropes float via buoys and the system is made of 100% marine grade materials and comes with a 20 year materials warranty. Ropes are manufactured in New Zealand and made from blending polypropylene and polyethylene resins.

The ropes are UV stabilized to meet the extreme New Zealand UV conditions and 12mm ropes have a breaking load of 2654 kilograms and 16mm ropes have a breaking load of 4600 kilograms. Installation of the system is quick and easy.

Pondco also offers a range of warning signs and life rings to complete the pond safety package. Recognising the benefits of the system Dairy NZ has already implemented a Pondco Safety Escape System on its research farm.

Hamish, whose background is in earthmoving, started Pondco in 2010 after seeing a gap in the market for a dedicated solution for farmers.

The company builds effluent and irrigation ponds and wetland solutions.

Innovation is at the heart of the company and the unique Pondco effluent pond is an internationally recognised award winning solution. Called Centroid it offers farmers an economical means to store effluent effectively and cheaply.

Hamish says that Centroid is estimated to cost six times less per cubic meter compared to ground tank type storage. While not wanting to give away any trade secrets he says the centroid design cuts the distance transitional water or gases have to escape by half.

Just some of the other benefits of a Centroid effluent pond include longevity due to the centralised weight and settlement design, efficiency as effluent water enters and escapes in one pipe, accurate leak detection compared to other designs and seam protection as Pondco uses large panels which requires less seams while providing better seam protection.

Hamish says that Pondco continually invests in new equipment to meet farmers’ needs.

The latest purchase is a fire engine pump truck, which can be used for cleaning feedpads, underpasses, herd homes and effluent ponds so farmers can avoid the messy job themselves.

It is also useful when ponds need repairs or maintenance work completed as the effluent can be sucked out then the pond cleaned, ready for work to begin.

“Whatever our customers need – effluent ponds, irrigation pools, underground detention and storage tanks, decoration and ornamental ponds – at Pondco we have the equipment and expertise to deliver the best solutions.”

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