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A growing reputation and client base

Liki Udam Aug 8
A growing reputation and client base
Langsford N & G Contracting, based in Cambridge offers a range of baling services, including conventional baling, using its Arcusin stacker, which picks up bales and stacks them in lots of 10, 12, or 14.

Cambridge based Langsford N & G Contracting has continued to grow since owners Nick Russo and Georgie Barnett took over the business in 2013. Part of the success is due to the company’s long history.

Nick and Georgie were operating their own rural contracting company, N & G Contracting, when they amalgamated it with Langsford Contracting, a company that had been in operation for over three decades.

Georgie says this has meant that Langsford N & G Contracting has become a trusted name in the region as it completes work for many long-standing clients. The highly experienced team is another point in the company’s favour.

Langsford N & G Contracting employs around 22 full time staff plus trusted and experienced operators in the high season.

Nick says this means a wealth of knowledge – one staff member has been with the company for over 20 years.

Based in Cambridge, Langsford N & G Contracting offers a wide range of services to both rural clients and other contractors.

The company’s agricultural services encompass groundwork such as aerating, seed sowing, discing, power harrowing, rotary hoeing and deep ripping.

They have a roll seeder, drill seeders and an air seeder attachment on the power harrow.

The company also offers a range of round baling services including mowing and turning of hay or silage, with four stand-alone balers and three stand-alone wrappers.

Two McHale Fusion 3 integrated bale wrappers purchased within the past two years can turn out round bales wrapped in plastic in one smooth process.

During the silage/hay season the company buys standing grass, also offering a 50/50 deal with clients where the company mows, turns and bales the grass for no charge but then keeps 50 per cent.

November through to June/July they sell silage, hay and conventional bales.

Langsford N & G Contracting also offer conventional baling and one thing that sets the company apart is its Arcusin stacker, which picks up bales stacking them in lots of 10, 12 or 14.

The couple say that this is vastly superior to picking up the bales individually by hand and means one labour unit can do the job.

The company offers a unique service aimed at asparagus growers where Langsford N & G Contracting has a specialised plough that pulls asparagus rows.

A team of experienced fencers can also meet the needs of the rural, residential and commercial sector.

Langsford N & G Contracting also offers trucking services and has a fleet of six wheel tip trucks, tipping trailers and flat deck trailers to supply and cart materials such as bales, sand, metal, rock, palm kernel, maize and topsoil for customers.

Both Nick and Georgie are involved in the day to day running of the business along with two office staff members ensuring all jobs run smoothly.

Langsford N & G Contracting is a member of Rural Contractors NZ.
The couple aim to keep growing the company’s well-established customer base and good reputation throughout the region by offering reliable and excellent service to their customers.


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