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Southern firm has pedigree in cooling

Tom O'Leary Oct 10
Southern firm has pedigree in cooling
A DeLaval snap cooling system supplied and installeed by South Otago-based firm CCMP.

With the deadline looming for milk-cooling machine compliance, Balclutha-based CCMP is expecting a last-minute rush from farmers upgrading their dairy shed systems. Managing director Hamish Keith says it doesn’t need to cost farmers the earth to ensure compliance.

In fact, he says, he has ended up saving his customers considerable amounts on their power bills.

“Every farm and milk-shed is different. We go in and look first at fixing up the equipment they have. Sometimes this is enough, but if not, we install a new DeLaval milk chiller.”

The firm has tested a lot of farms in the Otago region, and has found many farmers not focused on he change because of the tight milk payout over recent years. But when they make the decision to upgrade their system, they are blown away by the power savings they can make

. “We are finding that farmers can typically save $6000 to $12,000 in power each year,” says Hamish.

For example, hot-water costs can reduce by 85 per cent, and typically hot water comprises about 30% of the power bill on a farm. DeLaval produces energy-efficient equipment with the latest technology.”

He says CCMP is discovering that with the wildly fluctuating weather, from winter to summer, many farmers struggle even to meet the current requirements, especially when hot weather hits the area.

DeLaval’s range is variable chilling, which means it works only as hard as it needs to making them very efficient.

“We have found the main problem on farms is pre-cooling before the milk gets to the silo. In some cases we are installing snap chillers to rapidly cool the milk before it gets to the silo. This has not commonly been done in New Zealand until now.

“These products will put milk into the silo at 4-6 degrees Celsius and produce hot water between 50-70C. Other products, such as automatic washing machines, are also proving popular, especially for larger farms, which may have multiple staff, relief milkers etc. This type of automation means farmers know that at the push a button, the job is done properly and to the same high level each time.”

CCMP is an Otago-owned business started in the 1970s. It is now owned by Hamish and his father, Bill.

The Balclutha head office is the company’s manufacturing arm and base for farm servicing. CCMP also has a branch in Momona dedicated solely to farm servicing.

Hamish says the company has alwsy valued innovation and diversified into producing farmrelated products and services built and serviced by Otago people.

CCMP is an agent for DeLaval milking systems, Grundfos pumps and Reid & Harrison effluent equipment. The company also offers DeLaval’s in-service programme, which can be applied to any type of shed.

CCMP technicians are available 24 hours a day, even days a week, 365 days a year and are all qualified. Parts and spares are kept locally for a quick turnaround.

“It’s our experience that sets us apart,” thinks Hamish. “In nearly 40 years we’ve built literally hundreds of projects…from initial design through to finished shed.

We can take a project from a grass paddock to a finished dairy shed. It’s about helping farmers run their farms smarter.”