Affordable homes built with quality

Affordable homes built with quality
The Affordable House Builder’s brand will have direct appeal to the first homebuyer market.

Recently established in South Auckland, Affordable House Builders is built on the premise that affordable homes can be built without compromising on quality.
Newly appointed General Manager Simon Bullen says that if you compare an Affordable House Builders home with a million dollar home the quality will be exactly the same.
“There is the same concrete, the same timber, the same roof and windows the same number of nogs in the walls. There’s no compromise to quality at all – but the total cost is more affordable.”
The difference lies in removing overheads from the builders costing model and providing a wide range of standard house plans to suit the client’s needs and requirements.
Emphasising that a lot of money is spent in design, Simon makes the point that Affordable House Builders model is not based around ‘design and build’, where standard plans can be modified and changed, adding to the total cost of build.
“Within the house footprint there is very little that the client can change. Internal walls can be moved as long as they’re not structural and customers have full discretion in respect to colour and the specification fitout.”
Based in South Auckland and preparing to operate from a show home in the Glenbrook Beach subdivision, Simon says the Affordable House Builders brand will have direct appeal to the first homebuyer market.
“Glenbrook Beach is the only place in Auckland where homebuyers can get a 450sqm section, 2 minutes to the boat ramp and own a four-bedroom house for $650,000.”
Due for completion before Christmas, Affordable House Builders’ Glenbrook Beach show home will be a 4-bedroom 158sqm home with the cost of build about $330,000.
“The show home that’s currently being built in Glenbrook Beach will be exactly like what we want to sell to our clients.
“It will be a true reflection of what our target market is. The homes will range from 138sqm to 192sqm, have 3 to 4 bedrooms and be priced between $330,000 – $390,000, plus the cost of the land.”
Structured as a Licensor for selected builders to purchase a license to operate under the Affordable House Builders brand, two licenses have already been issued.
“We’ve signed one Licensee who will look after the South Auckland area, including the Glenbrook Beach subdivision, and we’ve just signed a builder up in Papamoa as our Bay of Plenty licensee. He will be based in the Shire Place subdivision.”
Simon says while the company’s aspiration is to go nationwide, it will be important to grow the business slowly. “We think there is room for a minimum of 25 licensees, which will be gradually established over a 5-year period.
“he people who own Affordable House Builders licenses will all be experienced and qualified builders, so that the clients are dealing directly with the people who are building their home.”
Simon explains that the builders that Affordable House Builders will appeal to will be the top shelf tradesmen who have been operating on a labour supply basis and want to move to the next level.
“They will build the relationship with the client, from sales, to contract, to construction to handing over the key, but with a massive amount of back room support from Affordable House Builders to contain costs.”
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