Boutique facilities with wow factor

Boutique facilities with wow factor
Brick and dark tile reinforce the industrial theme at the Queenstown health and fitness gym.

What started as a small training studio 10 years ago is now Queenstown’s leading health and fitness gym, boasting newly opened boutique facilities that are truly impressive.
Industrial Fitness Gym and Fight Club has expanded organically over the years, growing by stages to the point where it now fully occupies a 900sqm building on Repco Boulevard that has been its base for the past decade.
Owned and operated by Skycity Stampede player Braden Lee and his wife Angela, Industrial Fitness is so much more than a standard gym with martial arts, boxing, personal training and conditioning on the menu, along with health and wellness services such as nutrition, physio and cryotherapy.
The latest development, which opened in late October, has boosted the gym’s footprint by about a third and includes new offices and beautiful new changing rooms with spacious toilet, shower and sauna facilities, equipped with accessories such as hair dryers and hair straighteners.
Special touches include Zenith Hydro Taps serving complimentary filtered water, chilled or sparkling. “We put a lot of time and effort into making sure everything would be perfect,” says Braden.
“There’s a lot of steel, brick and dark tile to reinforce our industrial theme, offset by nice wood products including cedar and light ash from Canada.”Whereas most gyms start out with a lot of space, Industrial Fitness started small with big dreams and has grown step by step to achieve its vision.
“It’s quite a unique story: we’re feeling absolutely pumped with our latest new facilities. When people pull up here today, they see this warehouse building and really have no idea what to expect, but once they’re inside they go ‘wow’!” Braden and Angela also own a spa business in Queenstown with elements of that design influencing the Industrial Fitness upmarket fit-out.
Lead contractor for the project, Andrew Campbell (A Campbell Builders), believes the standard achieved could not have been bettered.“Braden and Angela had a scope of works showing what they wanted and we worked with them to deliver it,” Andrew says.
“From the lighting plan to steel work, tiles and custom-made concrete basins, it’s just stunning. They put a lot of effort into the heating exchange and ventilation system alone. There’s even a food caravan going in to offer healthy eating options. Having played professional rugby overseas and trained in gyms around the world, I can say that this is truly one of the most superior gyms I’ve ever come across.”

Boutique facilities with wow factor
The latest development has boosted the gym’s footprint by about a third and includes new offices and changing rooms with spacious toilet, shower and sauna facilities.

Work on the development took four months and involved gutting a former mechanics workshop in the building before refitting the space as new for the gym. While the build itself was straight forward, the materials used and high standard of finish achieved has set this project apart.
There is still more to come with further work planned to reline ceilings, add insulation, renovate and upgrade the front entry and create a new spin class area. Exterior landscaping is also in the pipeline with a new outdoor astro turf training area planned. “The building will also get a new paint job – we expect it all to be done by the end of the year,” says Andrew.
“There will be a similar finish throughout the building to tie everything in, so it will all look brand new.Along with the investment in the gym expansion and makeover, Industrial Fitness has been investing in more cardio equipment including a range of stair climbers, treadmills and elliptical trainers.
Braden says it has been a buzz to hear clients praising the new facilities. “On opening night, I heard someone calling a mate and saying ‘hey, you’ve got to come and check out the new bath-rooms here’.
I had a vision of the way I wanted it to look; I’m absolutely stoked with how it has turned out.”Industrial Fitness has a membership of around 1300 but now has capacity to virtually double its numbers.
“Our whole team is feeling reinvigorated – I think we will see a good growth spurt in 2020.” A Campbell Builder Ltd is an award winning company that has been operating in the Queenstown area since 2005 and is currently also busy building quality new homes at Hanley’s Farm and other local subdivisions.
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