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Clever lifts for tricky situations

Clever lifts for tricky situations
Smart Lift is the only crane company specialising in spider cranes, small city cranes and glass lifting equipment.

It’s an easy company catchphrase – putting the customer first.

But Dunedin based company Smart Lift has set itself apart in the market by truly living up to this philosophy – even if it means directing a customer somewhere else.

“If we can’t solve a customer’s problem and know of someone else that can we will point them in the right direction. This is a new concept for many customers but one which they value with many showing their appreciation for our honesty by calling on us the next time they need help,” says Hazel Brightwell-Guy who owns Smart Lift with husband Paul.

But this doesn’t happen often as Smart Lift has also set itself apart by being the go-to company for those with tricky problems requiring the assistance of a crane or EWP.

This has even seen the company make its own equipment on occasion in order to get the job done.

Smart Lift Ltd was started in 2007 in Dunedin by Paul, a crane operator for many years, who identified a gap in the market for a small crane service.

The company now includes depots in Timaru and Christchurch meaning it can service the whole South Island.

The client base is broad and includes building maintenance and inspection, construction and demolition, heavy machinery repair, glazing and roofing, ship building and plant maintenance.

Clients range from local individuals to tradespeople and international corporates.

Hazel says that Smart Lift is the only crane company in New Zealand specialising in spider cranes, small city cranes and glass lifting equipment.

Clever lifts for tricky situations

Tracked spider man lifts can be manoeuvred through tight spaces, the spider legs enabling them to be set up on uneven sites and the rubber tracks making them ideal for wooden floors and grassed areas.

Truck cranes, tracked spider man lifts (mobile elevating work platforms or cherry pickers) and scissor lifts round out the fleet.

Other equipment includes manual forklifts, telescopic material handlers, manual cranes, specialist glass lifting vacuum units and glass trollies.

Hazel says the tracked spider man lifts are particularly popular and offer a number of advantages due to the rubber tracks and spider legs.

They can fit into confined spaces, fitting through most doorways and around obstacles.

The spider legs also enable them to be set up on uneven sites and, as weight is spread more than with normal wheeled machines, they are ideal for delicate sites such as wooden floors, tiles and grassed areas.

They can also carry the 200kg SWL over their entire working range.

Most machines are ecofriendly with the option to run on electricity meaning no noise and no fumes.

Biodegradable grease and oils are used where possible.

All equipment is well serviced and maintained with up to date safety certificates.

Computerised safety over rides mean the equipment will not operate beyond its safe working capacity, for example if the machine is not stable or level.

Machines can be dry hired or Smart Lift can provide operators.

They also generally transport machines to and from sites saving clients time and hassle.

Hazel says that from the outset the Smart Lift vision was to offer customers alternative solutions to their lifting requirements and it continues to deliver on this promise.

“At Smart Lift ‘no’ is not a word we like to use. We do our utmost to deliver solutions to meet our customers’ needs no matter what request they come to us with. Our aim is to continue to grow, investing in the latest equipment with an eye to reaching greater heights and better solutions.”


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