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Team approach brings best results

Team approach brings best results
Safety and Apparel’s new Hamilton facility includes a 900sqm warehouse and 280sqm office space.

A focus on quality, accuracy and team spirit exemplify Hamilton’s family owned construction company, Construct Ltd. With 21 years building commercial and high-end residential homes, the Company has established a reputation as a commercial builder that provides a high-end residential finish.

Founder and managing director Graeme Parlane says that one of the keys to the Company’s success is that despite its growth it has retained a family feel throughout all levels of the business.

“It has always been a big thing for me, I know all my staff – I know what they are doing and that’s an important thing. We’re a team and that’s the thing we sell ourselves on most.” Graeme says that a trusted reputation for quality craftsmanship has earned repeat business from both residential and commercial customers over the years.

He says that the majority of the Company’s work is either design-and-build or comes from early contractor involvement on a negotiated basis.

Design-and-build projects enable Construct Ltd to assemble a team made up of builder, architect and engineer, enabling planning and problem solving right from the start, typically resulting in considerable client benefit.

“We see design from a common sense and practical point of view,” says Graeme.

“The architect and design team comes under our banner. What the client sees is everyone working together—collectively we become the construction team and the client has confidence that everyone is working for him.”

Such was the case when Construct Ltd was recently engaged to build Safety and Apparel Ltd’s new warehouse/showroom and office facilities.

“The owners approached us and a couple of other building companies to look at doing a designand-build with them and we were fortunate enough to be selected.”

The value of engaging Construct on a designand-build basis was quickly felt by Safety and Apparel’s owners when it was established that land purchased for the building site was still under due diligence and had not had a geotech report completed.

The report quickly organised by Construct established that the building platform on the proposed site required 6-metre deep piles, significantly adding cost to the concrete floor and overall build cost.

At Construct’s suggestion an alternative building site was found within the Te Rapa Gateway Industrial Park, ideally suited in the rapidly growing northern part of Hamilton.

“Our early involvement in the design-and-build of this project has enabled early planning and project management,” says Graeme. “For example, we’ve been able to order the tilt slab concrete walls well in advance ensuring they were ready when required.”

Despite building during a particularly wet winter, Graham says good planning and the ability to adjust construction methodology to suit weather conditions and on-site water build enabled construction to be completed before Christmas, a month ahead of schedule.

Team approach brings best results

Featuring a 900sqm warehouse and 280sqm office space, the single story building is designed to meet the needs of Safety and Apparel’s rapidly growing business.

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